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diablo_331 08-23-2009 07:39 PM

Easy way to trim Factory Flares....
This will be a writeup on how to trim factory style flares or flares of similar material. I have 7 inch factory style flares. This will be the flares used in the write-up.

The flares are quite pliable and pretty easy to work with. If they were made of a harder material (cough!!Bushwacker!!) then this method will probably not work. Anyways, on to the the write-up.

Tools needed:
-Sharp Knife(a Tanto style blade is the easiest to use here)
-Razor Knife
-Tape Measure
-150-200 grit sandpaper
-Pair of channel locks or similar
-Cold Case of Bud Light
-80's Hairband music (Whitesnake, Van Halen, Poison, ect.)

First thing is to figure out how much you want to take off of each flare.

-I removed 2 inches off of the top of the fronts and 1.5 off of the front and rear of the fronts
-I hacked 1.75 off the top of the rears and 1.5 off of the front and back of the rears.

I found that this combo flows quite smoothly and looks great.

Next take the knife and score lightly the line that you will later cut. When I say lightly I mean scratch the surface. Take your time here and measure carefully. I used the tape and held the point of the knife right in front of the tape and drug the tape and knife along the flare while holding the same distance the whole time.. Tracking?

After you lightly score the outline of your cuts then the hard part is done. Take a step back and make sure everything is uniform.

This next step can be dangerous. I suggest you use gloves to avoid cutting yourself. I didn't but I am a moron. And morons tend to cut themselves.
Using just the tip or point of the knife blade make a deeper score along the line that you just made. Then after that, make it deeper. Just hold steady pressure and keep your hands steady.

This is a picture of the flare after the final scoring. It is now ready to bend and break at the score.

After the scores are fairly deep then all you simply have to do is bend the flare at the score and it will break along the score. Using the pliers here helps.

This is a few pictures and a video of the flares while I am breaking them at the scores.

Now take your razor knife and while bending the flare, after it is cracked along the score, finish cutting through the flare.The razor glades through the flare very easily but again, where gloves just in case.

A few pictures using the razor knife to finish cutting the flares.

This next step is optional but I didn't like how the flares simply came to a point from where I cut them. I wanted them to flow more like they did before I cut them. So I trimmed up the edges using the same method as before.

A few pictures of what I'm talking about.

All done with the cutting. Note that I left the "point" on the front of the front fenders. I think it looks better and flows more with the stock turning signal.

After you are finished cutting the flares off then its time to use a little sandpaper (150-200 grit) and smooth out the edges.

That's it. Total time was about an hour or two. And they look great! :thumbsup:

The time now is 04:54 AM.

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