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attentionwhore 07-23-2011 04:21 PM

DIY Mirror Relocation Brackets
I was in need of some mirror relocation brackets because I love going doorless but hate not having mirrors. I had read many threads containing other bracket solutions and none of them struck my fancy. Then while standing in the garage one day... :idea: ! Factory mirrors are mounted on hard doors by way of the upper hinge bracket!

Here are the parts needed:

2 - Upper hinge brackets off of hard doors pre-93
2 - Factory YJ mirrors
6 - 1/4" x 20 x 1" allen flat screw
6 - 1/4" x 20 nylon locknut
4 - 3/8" external tooth lockwasher
2 - 3/8" lockwasher
2 - 5/16" x 18 keps nut (nut with external tooth lockwasher attached)
Satin Black rattle paint

(I will document the process for the passenger side, just duplicate for the driver side)

Step 1:
Remove the hinges from your hard doors *If you have purchased the brackets, skip this step :2thumbsup:

Step 2:
Place the stock mirror mount on the hinge, line it up with the two existing holes and trace around it.

Step 3:
Use whatever cutting tool you would like and remove excess material. I dont have tons of tools, so I used a jigsaw and a dremel with a cut-off wheel to finish it up. *NOTE* cut to the inside of the line so that the bracket is slightly smaller than the mirror mount

Step 4:
Place the mirror mount on the bracket and mark for the third hole.

Step 5:
Drill out the hole.

Step 6:
Spray some primer on the hinge so that the cut ends wont rust.

Step 7:
Follow that up with the paint. It doesnt need to be perfect, most of it will be covered by the mirror mount.

Step 8:
Attach the mirror mount to the hinge bracket using 3 of the 1/4" x 20 screws and the nylon locknuts.

Step 9:

Using 2 of the external tooth lockwashers, 1 standard lockwasher and 1 keps nut, attach the assembly to the upper hinge on your Jeep.

Be sure to place the washers as so;

--------- External tooth lockwasher
--------- Standard lockwasher
--------- External tooth lockwasher

The lockwashers keep the assembly from turning in the hinge hole.

Step 10:

Re-install the mirror the mirror mount.

Step 11:
Sit back, relish in what you have just done and enjoy a frosty beverage :cheers2: YOU DESERVE IT

The time now is 07:32 AM.

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