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egodfrey 09-25-2011 09:08 PM

Dirtbound Offroad Electric Fan Install
So I decided to go with the dirtbound offroad electric fan kit with aluminum shroud and temp controller.

The kit can be found here.

So onto installing it!!

First step is to get your stock fans out. I started with the removal of the Electric fan first, mine was wired to a toggle switch so I just cut the wires. However, most should have be plugged into your wiring harness. Unplug this plug, then there are two bolts into your upper radiator support, take those out, mine also held on my overflow hose. After you take these out the fan should slide right out.

Note: not all xj's came with an electric fan.

Onto the mechanical fan. First take off the shroud, this is done the same way as the e-fan just without the plug.

Now to remove the fan and fan clutch. Remove the nuts that hold the fan clutch onto the studs, as seen in the below picture, this will separate your fan from the pulley. It took me some amount of finagling from there to get it up and out of there. But with some patience and a pry bar I got it. Be careful here not to damage the fins on your radiator.

So once they are out put them aside, you can use them for lawn ornaments, scrap metal or sell them!

Now make sure to take the supplied bolts and replace the pulley studs with them. These are shorter than the studs so they wont hit the fans when the pulley spins. I replaced one at a time, so I didn't have to deal with taking the pulley off. I just used a set of vice grips to turn them out. I chose not to use the supplied lock washer. Instead I used loctite on each bolt.

OK now time to trim your radiator support to allow the fan shroud to fit. I simply put the shroud on top of the support and marked what need to be cut.

This is the passenger side marked out.

Once marked, time to cut. I started with a dremel but quickly changed to an angle grinder. Make sure you wear safety glasses during this!!

Here is both sides of the radiator support cut and ready to go in.

Now remove the torx bolt holding your hood latch onto the radiator support, as well as the two nuts that go into the radiator mounts on each side. If you look at the shroud these are the mounting locations

Ok now place the fan kit down in there. My overflow tube on my radiator was a little in the way. This may be because its an aftermarket three core. However, I was just careful not to break it, no problems there!

Once in you can put the bolt and two nuts back on securing the shroud in place.

I also took two sheet metal screws and put them in the bottom tabs where the shroud and electric fan were previously, as seen here.

Now that your fan is securely in place its time to wire it in.

I took the two supplied screws and just put the relays on top of the fuse box lid. You can put them wherever you want, just make sure the wires can reach the battery.

Now to install the standard fan controller, you can see the placement in the upper heater hose in my finished picture. I just sat the controller next to the hose, marked the locations of where to cut, and cut it with a utility knife. Then place the supplied hose clamps on each side and install the sensor then tighten down the clamps.

Looking into the controller you will see the three metal plugs on it are labelled at the bottom of them. They are labeled + 1 and 2. Crimp the two thin yellow wires from the relays onto the supplied female connectors.
The supplied lose yellow wire also gets one crimped on. The loose wire gets plugged onto the + one. Then the relays are next. One of the relays has only one red wire from the fans going into it. The other has two. The thin yellow from the one with one red into it gets plugged into the controller slot labeled one. The other one onto the one labelled two.

Now the loose wire gets run to the positive battery terminal, using proper connector crimped on.

All the black wires in the kit are grounds. Ground them to any suitable location. I chose the battery negative terminal because it was right there. Again use proper connectors crimped on.

Only two wires left. The two thick yellow ones on the relays, again using proper connectors crimped on. These go to the battery positive!!

And that's it!! You're all done. Now celebrate with beer of choice and enjoy you improved cooling system.

Finished pics.

The fan kit has been great so far. really helps keep it cool when crawling and at red lights and such!! A+ product.

The time now is 11:40 PM.

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