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76cj5248 09-28-2021 01:43 PM

1976 CJ5 heater box rebuilt
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I have a 1976 CJ5 heater box which I rebuilt with new foam and hardware wherever it was needed. Also included is a new unused heater core (I put the old one back in as it was leak free and copper) and a PM102 motor although the original motor and cage work fine. $150 with free shipping just PM me and I'll send my phone number

76cj5248 09-28-2021 02:38 PM

I figured it would be easier to just add my number lol 603-770-9916 Tim

76cj5248 09-30-2021 10:50 AM

I was going through my stuff and I also have new (OMIX) cables and lights for the heater which I would throw in

Thank you

76cj5248 10-04-2021 12:49 PM

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I thought I'd update this to include everything that goes with the heater box. I decided to go with a vintage air heater/defroster in my Jeep. The heater box is rebuilt as in repainted and new foam installed and all hardware working. Also I have all new cable pulls for the heater (3) the air inlet box and an original grill sand blasted and primed, a new oval air duct for the heater with new hose clamps a new motor (the original does work fine) and a new heater core as I kept the original copper one as it pressure tested fine. All for $150 which includes shipping

76cj5248 10-08-2021 06:41 AM

Update, I ended up using the indicator lights so those are out

76cj5248 11-05-2021 03:58 PM

I sold it thank you

The time now is 07:52 PM.

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