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Vibration when driving between 60-70mph

Hi all! I'm a new owner of a 5.9L jeep that I purchased a few weeks ago. However, I have a strange vibration coming from the rear of the jeep when I'm driving between 60-70 mph.

First, I have balanced the tires and got an alignment done on the jeep to try to fix this vibration. However, it is still there.

I have used the search function to get an idea of what may be causing the problem. From what I read, the vibration may potentially be coming from the rear drive shaft. Anyone know how to check whether the rear drive shaft is vibrating?

Thanks for any responses.


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Rear drive shaft is vibrating?

I would think if you have drive shaft problem, you will feel vibration at lower speed. You could check flex disc to see if there are any cracks... However, I think the problem is elsewhere. 60 MPH vibration is common with tire balance issue, bad tire(s) that are "out-of-round", wheel not being hub centric, or bushings in suspension. You should check the suspension bushings first if you know your tires are balanced and good.
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Some defectives from factory.

Some factory lots equipet with Dyna differential (if I remember well) needs to be rebuild. After that, no problem. I had a 96 GRND CH Laredo and now a 98 GRND CH LIMITED both with Quadra Trac (all time 4x4). Another Jeep weakness is the brakes rotor causing vibrations too. But anyway, you could be more specific and still a little hasr to me to tell you for sure, but check those points I mentioned. But donīt be discourage!!!! JEEP STILL JEEP!!!!! and I wont change it!!!
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My ujoints were bad and that is the speed it was most noticeable. Does the vibration seem to phase in and out? If so that would indicate a bad ujoint. An out of balance driveshaft wont do that though. If it is just slightly out of balance it might not be noticeable at lower speeds. but at high speeds it would only get worse.

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Thanks for all of the responses. I will look into the suspension bushings and the u-joints. I don't think it's the brake rotors since the jeep doesn't vibrate when I'm on the brakes. The vibration occurs when I'm driving even when I'm off the gas.

A few more information about the vibration: When I'm driving between 60-65mph, I can feel the vibration start to begin. Between 65-70 mph, the vibration is steady. When I'm driving above these speeds, it goes away or that I don't feel it anymore. The vibration comes back when I drop the speed down into this range again.

Thanks again for any responses.

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I have an 05 Wrangler and I am having the same problems at about 60 - 70 mph..Thought it was the balancing on the tires but I work for an automotive shop and I rebalanced them. Still a vibration ..I even rechecked the balance on 2 different balance machines and they are perfectly balanced..Any suggestions?????
There is no lift on jeep only thing I did was upgrade to 4 brand new rubicon rims and tires....
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Since it's a higher speed, and it isn't a balance issue, I'd check to make sure the wheels themselves aren't bent.

Or (cross fingers it's not) a bent axle. Those two are more noticeable at the speeds you are talking.

- Bill (formerly VetteDriver)
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What is the rythem of the vibration? Is it same as wheel rpm. or is it at engine rpm? If it's engine rpm in drive.. not overdrive, it's in drivetrain; flex plate, output shaft, U joint, slip spline, pinion shaft. Flex plate or unbalanced torque converter vibration will be worse out of overdrive then in overdrive; won't feel it in overdrive, downshift out of overdrive and feel it, but into overdrive its gone agien. If it's wheel rpm and is only 55-70mph range, it's in wheels/tires balance. The vibration usually doesn't go away at higher speed with bent rim, out of round tire, broken belt in tire, etc.

Hope that helps!
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I work in a tire shop, and I have an idea. Wheel balancers are delicate machines, and don't take kindly to abuse. They will give improper readings and tell you to balance a wheel wrong if the person using it uses it improperly, bumps into it while its spinning etc. (sadly a lot of the people working in tire shops, aren't exactly brain children) I would try taking the wheels from the rear and swapping them to the front, to see if that effects it. I have had people come in to my shop complaining of the same thing, we re-balanced their tires (spinning it without taking the weights off from the last balance) and it would come up way out of balance meaning that the last person who did it didn't do it right.
Try putting the wheels on the front of the Jeep, and see if that changes what you feel. If not, then you can very effectively rule out bent rims or out of balance tires.


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I have rotated tires and checked balance several times on diffrent machines, and they are good...When it starts to vibrate the transmission (6 Speed Manual)shifter starts to wobble also...This I think would be a drive train problem..and the rims are perfectly straight, and the tires are not out of round..I have an appointment at the dealer on 8-1-05 let's see wha tthey say..
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My son has an XJ. It Developed a vibration, so he took it to $tealer in Poway CA. They said it was bent driveshaft. He took driveshaft to a driveshaft shop and they found it to be straight and balanced.. We put shaft back and and ran it on jackstands and we could easily see the front U joint / output yoke was wobbling. Took it back off and checked output shaft.. it was bent.

So much for $tealerships.
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Hey I have a quick question. I live in michigan and have bad vibration problems too, I have a 98 wrangler that I purchased about 4 or 5 months ago. I am in the process of changing the drive shaft u-joints to see if that helps the vibration and then I figured I'd get the tires balanced. It seems like most people say that you should get some sort of force rate balance, or balance the tires while on the jeep. If this is true, any idea what tire shops do it. I was looking at just going into Discount Tire and having them balance my tires. Is there another place I should check out?

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I'm gonna agree with the few that say unbalanced tires still, I literally have the exact same problem with my winter set of tires and wheels. Vibration around 65-70 but over that nothing, and I can tell you for a fact that in my case it is definitely something with my wheels/tires' balance because the summer set doesn't do it.

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I have had a couple of driveline shops tell me it's either the yoke on the rear driveshaft going out (not fitting splines on tcase like it should) or possibly the front driveline going out too. My 90 cherokee had a real bad hi-speed vibration - got the rear driveline balanced and that alone took out a good portion of it
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Was there resolution on this issue? I'm having the exact same problem as John on a '05 Laredo. Looking to just replace the U-Joints since it's way cheaper than getting a shop's opinion. Hoping you could tell me if that actually helped you.
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