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riverzj 05-15-2019 06:26 PM

Stumped and broke
Hate to have another death wobble question but this one is..every single thing has been replaced on the front end. It still death wobbles but only above 40 and reliably in overdrive at 45+, but not on the highway. I’ve fixed death wobble on my JK on 35s multiple times over the years but cannot solve this one. There’s a nasty Michigan road lefthand pothole corner I use to test and it won’t death wobble in 4wd which I thought because it was loading the arms so they couldn’t move but after bushings replaced..My only guess is rough country soft springs or the steering angle from factory setup is to harsh? OEM style gearbox not beefy enough? Dana30 Ear play? I’ve gone over all the usual stuff over and over and had others check it and nothing can be found, would appreciate any feedback.

Here’s a list of things completed, not a single component in the front end is “worn” but maybe the quality of said products can’t handle life.
Brand new teraflex balljoints, arm bushings, trackbar, shocks new, gearbox new, steering newish, hubs new, tires balanced and rotated, caster set to 7°, lower arm brackets new to delete cam washer.

1994 ZJ Limited 3.5” “premium” rough country lift with and added .75” spacer front and rear, and the N3 shocks. 31” stt pros on 15” rims

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downs 05-15-2019 08:21 PM

If you've replaced/checked everything on the front end, one other thing that can set off the oscillation is tire pressures or sidewalls of a certain stiffness.

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