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95 zj No start has spark..Help!!??

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4, 4.0. Everything works- power seats, windows, mirrors, overhead vic, air conditioner. The only thing missing was factory stereo.
So here's my dilemma. I purchased my jeep used 2 years ago and has been a really good truck. Until now. My son ran out of gas in front of our house AND he killed battery trying to start it...(what a day right) So we added gas and jumped her but no start. Checked cables, noticed corrosion and broken terminal so got new terminals.Tried gas in the carb, still no start. Checked for spark, had spark. Just cranked and no start. HELPPPPP!!! Below is a compilation of all the incidents and vehicle history since I bought it and I'm sorry if its long..but I read somewhere details help solve mysteries..

*The PO had installed a stereo that he wasn't selling with the vehicle so he removed it, which was fine and I have been happy as a clam without a stereo (just covered the empty space with black construction paper and I'm good to go). Well, the reason it was being sold was PO couldn't figure out why it was stuck in limp mode.He said it would start in 2nd or 3rd gear sometimes so he replaced the tranny only to have the problem continue. My brother in law came with me to check it out before I bought it and he was convinced this wasn't a tranny issue so he advised to go ahead with the purchase. I went straight home and searched the internet and found several jeep owners with exact problem. Many with the same remedy which was just a simple disconnecting of the battery (to reset the ecm) and when turning the key only turn it to "on" and wait for the o/d light to turn off before cranking it over..and Viola and it worked!! I was thrilled...but on occasion I would start her up and it would be stuck in limp mode even WITHOUT the o/d light being lit up so I would just disconnect battery and reconnect it and that would do the trick..

* I started it and the O/D off switch light was on again so I pressed it and it wouldn't disengage (light stayed on)..so I tried the key trick before the usual battery dance..lol..I turned key OFF, took key out. Stuck key back in turned to ON and waited for o/d light to turn off and then turned key over to START and it worked..I thought that was weird but seemed to do the trick and bonus this time without battery disconnect hassle..sweet

*I started it and it was day time so I hadn't noticed the O/D off light on when pulled away from curb but realized something was wrong when because instead of the usual sluggish starting in wrong gear(2 or 3rd)..this time it was stuck in 1st. So I quickly pulled over, turned it off, turned back on and light stayed on so had to disconnect battery again to do the whole reset dance and everything was back to normal...well, until later that day. Same thing happened but as I was pulling over my passengers asked me to unlock their window for some fresh air and I pressed the button to unlock the windows and as I pressed the window lock button the transmission up shifted into the next gear..?? whaaat i know right.. I thought it was a fluke so I pressed it again before I pulled to a stop and it down shifted ..mind you this isn't manual transmission...HOW COULD THIS BE HAPPENING???What could the window locks be shorted or crossed into to that shifting would even be possible?? Anyway i haven't had any problems with this in a really long time. I always make sure the o/d light is off before I even start the jeep.

*Drove 200 miles to see a friend and got about 80 miles out and pulled over to gas up and check fluids and tire pressure. Hey Im a girl, better late than never right?..lol My brother showed me all the how to's along time ago. I've changed the oil and know how to change a spare tire.. so I knew I had to have it running and in N to check tran fluid...but for the life of me I couldn't recall how trans dip stick was supposed to look..what i did rem was trans fluid much like any oil tends to thin out when heated so I wiped the stick dry stuck it in and out trying get an accurate reading and ended up checking it 3 or 4 times..lol..Honestly, I thought I was blind, I really couldn't see any trans fluid on the stick at all. I convinced myself since the inclined hill was just ahead, adding a quart wouldn't kill it..(or would it?) well I drove about 20 miles and check engine light turned on..I got nervous and pulled over at closest stop and opened hood, looked around ..nothing was smoking or bubbling so shut the hood and went inside got something to eat and headed back on the road. Started up fine, No check engine light on and didn't show any signs of fault or errors the rest of the way. Made it back home and drove around town running errands and all was well for about a week with no issues. Until it was ran out of gas recently causing the no start issue listed above....

Not sure if these are related but sometimes when i pressed the driver door lock button the passenger door lock and lift gate lock would make whirling noise and not lock or unlock

Hard to start after it rains, crank time is unusually long.

Thanks, Lori

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check engine light , ecm , electrical issues , limp mode , no start

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