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OverlandZJ 07-15-2020 09:27 AM

94 Blower Motor resistor
Stopped for fuel awhile back and started Jeep, blower motor decided to only work on high. Common issue i see..

My rig is a 94 with auto climate control. Looking at Rockauto there seems to be two..both auto temp but one specifying a particular stamping number.

Is there in fact two or is this something the particular manufacturer wants to confuse me with? Hate to order at ~$120 and get the wrong part.


MaintMech 07-15-2020 10:07 AM

What I've done in the past is gone to something like this: Look up the OEM part # and then gone to Rock Auto. RA is pretty cheap but I find I have trouble with looking up their parts.

Timo_90xj 07-15-2020 11:12 AM

I see no indication on Rockauto that the '94 ATC controller has two different options. I see two manufacturers that both provide the same part number.

Manual A/C resistor is the same for '93-'98, ATC controller part number changes '93-'96 / '97-'98. I actually do not know why ATC controller would be the same up to '96, even though facelift was done for '96 model year. I guess it could be a mistake, or it's one of the 1996 year model Jeep things.

OverlandZJ 07-16-2020 07:00 AM

Timo.. top one indicates a particular stamping number, while showing the same part number. ? I dunno man.. i'll just order and see what happens.

WVE 4P1721 {#4720046, JA1843} Info
With automatic temperature control (you can set a specific numeric temperature), with Stamping # 16173860
Part image


Add to Cart
w/ Automatic Temperature Control (you can set a specific numeric temperature)
Part image

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