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Gypsy_Botanist 11-21-2017 01:12 PM

NP231 Maintenance to repair
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I was hearing some slapping coming from under the seats in my jeep and i believe it was the transfer case drive chain that had stretched out and was hitting the side of the transfer case when i accelerated after i have shifted gears. I took it to a mechanic and they said pretty much the same thing. It's a 93 yj and i can bet you that transfer case has never been opened. I opened up the case pulled the chain, cleaned the magnet ( it was f*%king filthy lots of think sludge and some metal shavings), i examined the filter it looked like something smashed through the top filter as i saw some plastic bits in-between the top and bottom screens, i replaced that and reading up on how to do all this i also replaced the little plastic pads on the shifter arm(i think that is what it is called). When i changed those pads i saw another component that looked like the shifter arm it had plastic pads as well, so i pulled it out also and it looks not good. It looks like the gear it is seated around wore off a bunch of metal and trashed the plastic pads. My question are: How bad is this for the case as a whole? Where else should i look for problems? Should i take the whole case apart, clean it, inspect all the components and remove any debris? If i should take the whole thing apart and clean it what should i use to clean it with? Does anyone know an easy way to get those pop ring looking things off because i trashed the tips of my pop ring pliers trying to get the one on the housing connecting to the rear differential.
Thanks for the advice

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