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May '20 YJOTM - Vote Now!

Welcome to the May 2020 YJOTM. No funny little charming blurb here this time around.

No Frills. Just Business.

I felt it was in good taste of me to fill this line-up this month. I took the liberties of dipping into my stockpile a bit. As much as this is a solemn time around the community, i know our personal and impersonal mate @Mr.B more than likely would have preferred us to celebrate his life, as opposed to mourn the huge loss. There is a time and a place for both, this is all i can do from where i stand to honour the fall of a good, honest man. For each and everyone of us that had the blessing of knowing or meeting him, talking with him (in person or online), enjoying banter and wheeling trips with him or simply being in his presence when he was actively involved in two handfuls of topics at a time in the technical section... this month is dedicated to @Mr.B . Rest in peace good sir, and may God bless you, your family and loved ones. Happy wheeling in the clouds!

Voter Rules
1st rule of YJOTM is you do not vote for yourself.
2nd rule of YJOTM is you DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF.
3rd rule of YJOTM is you do NOT solicit votes from outside JF or within JF. Investigations have been held, jeeps have been disqualified. DON'T do it!
4th rule of YJOTM is all nonsupporting members must post when you vote or it will not be counted. Paid members do not have to post when voting.
5th rule of YJOTM is all voters will remain public as to promote self moderation

Up for grabs: Bragging rights for May 2020 YJOTM and $200 gift cert. from Qtec (Thank you @Quadratec - you rock). REMINDER: All YJOTM winners are automatically entered for the chance at being voted for the illustrious title of YJOTY as well as inclusion on the /f12 Calendar. Let's Git'r DONE!

Username: Wookiedave
1993 YJ
4.0L, 8.8 rear with LS, D30 front with a lunchbox locker and one ton steering linkage, 4.88 gears, 5 speed, RE 4.5" Extreme Duty suspension lift, SYE, 35x12.50 tires, rack/bumpers/side rails by Smittybilt, Rod Vault for my fly rods

I purchased the Jeep in 2016 with some money that my grandmother left me so it is a special vehicle. I was in a rush so I didn't really pay attention to what I was getting and I ended up with a YJ that the previous owners had tried to do a SOA lift with the original springs and it was awful and butchered up. After some research and planning I decided to do the 8.8 swap and just start over from the frame down. I also wanted a project that I could do with my dad before he was to old to help crawl under a vehicle. After being patient I got lucky and a fellow that works at a local Jeep shop was selling his axles out from under his YJ. And, he was running the same lift I wanted to use so the perches were already set. Me and dad went about to change it all and over and that's pretty much where it is today. We also changed the brake components and I had to get my drive shafts worked on. It has had to get some tweaks here and there but overall it rides like a dream now compared to the death ride it used to be.

Username: jlcoble
1989 YJ Islander

-4.2 BA/10 soa lift ford 8.8 swap 4.10 gears and posi, roll cage tied in to frame at 6 points 35x12.5x15 tires
-New Wheels, new lights, put some steps on new front hubs calipers and rotors fuel pump chrome grill new seats and when money allows I am replacing all the leaf springs

Username: Louie4
1993 YJ Sahara

-4.0L with 327,000 miles
-NP231 w/AA SYE
-Working A/C...yes this is worth listing.
-Tom Woods front and rear driveshaft
-Relatively New Black 15 x 8 Soft 8’s
-35” x 12.5 BFG KM2’s
-Front SOA w/stock YJ rear springs with added main
-Rear SOA w/stock YJ rear springs with added main
-Trail Master Front Shock Hoops
-Front and Rear 5100 Bilsteins (14" travel front)
-Ruff Stuff stock length rear boom shackles
-Front Currie Tow Shackles
-Front HP Ford D44 w/Yukon 4.10’s & OX Air Locker!
-Rear Ford 8.8 w/4.10’s & ARB Locker
-Stubby front bumper
-Modified Smittybilt rear tire carrier
-4" x 4" x 1/4" GS Rockers
-Ruff Stuff Spring plates
-Solid 8.8 diff guard
-Poison Spyder 3” DeFenders ~ Steel
-Rear TJ flares
-1982 Warn M8274 w/Stock Mount
-Teraflex Hi-Steer Knuckle
-HD tie rod & drag link from Ruff Stuff
-1” Daystar Body Lift
-Daystar Extended Bumpstops
-LED tail lights and reverse lights
-Exercise bike hand throttle
-Hayden power steering cooler
-Quadratec Seats
-Barnes Skid/Crossmember
-***brand new $375 3 row radiator***

I got my jeep when I turned 16 for $1,500, bone stock. My first vehicle and I still own it. It was in great shape and I drove it daily for around 7 years through high school and college. I did small mods throughout my college years as I could afford it. I've been able to go wheeling all over the Southeast. I drive it to every park I go to and so far I've been able to drive it back. I now live in Arizona and get to do some real wheeling. I was going to Moab but then the coronavirus hit...sad face.

Username: cpia84
1990 YJ

-4.2L Inline 6 w/Weber 32/36 Carb
-AX-15 5 Speed
-NP231 w/SYE
-Custom tucked in exhaust with Magnaflo muffler
-Custom transmission bar to raise the drivetrain
-Dana 30: TJ Shafts, 4.88 gears, Aussie Locker, SOLID Diff Cover
-Ford 8.8: Disc Brakes, 4.88 gears, Limited Slip Diff, SOLID Diff cover

-4" Rubicon Express Leaf Springs
-Bilstein 5100 Shocks on all 4 corners
-5/8""boom shackle lift (M.O.R.E.)
-1" Daystar Body Lift
-15x10 Silver Wheels
-35"x12.5"r15 Maxxis Razr M/Ts

-Custom Fab Stubby Front Bumper
-Custom Fab Rear bumper
-Barricade Tube Fenders with Flare
-Smittybilt Rear Tube Fenders
-Affordable Off-Road Rock Sliders
-Best Top High Mount Tire Carrier
-Custom Aluminum Half Doors
-Rampage Frameless Soft-top

-Mile Marker 9500 Winch
-LED Headlights
-Rhino lined Interior
-Yellow Top Optima Battery
-CJ Style Mirrors

-After spending about half a year looking for a Jeep I found this 1990 Jeep YJ. It had a broken rear driveshaft and sort of ran but not really. I did some basic maintenance, got it running well and got the driveshaft repaired. I have replaced the fender flares for the front and rear. Cleaned up the front end of the Jeep and fixed the winch. I am currently working on a plan for lighting and switch setup on the interior. As most Jeeps it is never done but right now it rides well.

I haven't done any wheeling trips yet but life seems to always get in the way. I have a lot of plans for this Jeep. I want it to be a weekend rig for camping and wheeling trips with the family.

Here are the pictures of as I got it and then a few upgrade phases:

Username: shaggyjim
1992 YJ

- High milage 4.0L and TF999 auto trans.
- NP231 with a Teraflex Super short output and 1350 yoke.
- 1350 rear cv drive shaft and stock front shaft.
- 35 spline Ford 9” with a true Hi 9 center chunk with a ARB and 4.88’s rear axle.
- 1977 Ford high pinion Dana 44 with chromemoly shafts, Yukon Super Joints, ARB, Chevy knuckles with high steer arms, 1.5”x0.250 wall DOM steering with 1 ton Chevy tie rods ends, 4.86 gears for a front axle.
- Old BFG KM2’s in 35x12.50 R15 with American Racing rims 5 on 5.5 lugs
- Warn Zeon 10 and Hi lift for recovery
- Smittybuilt bumper and swing out tire mount.
- Softtoppers frameless soft top and factory hard top with early CJ full doors.
- Exceptionally good looking and well-maintained interior if I’m setting in it but otherwise mostly dusty stock without carpet rocking two nice PRP suspension seats with matching seatbelts when I’m not.
- SUA in the rear with 4WD parts 5 inch lift springs for now and Alcan 0 lift SOA springs for the front.
- Genright aluminum flat fenders and rocker guards with TJ Electric Lime Green paint to finish off the exterior.
- I still need a roll cage and PRP bench for the kids in the rear and I hope to have that in soon.

- History
- I picked up this YJ in 1996 and it was my first new “off a lot” rig I had ever purchased. It was a solid black Sport with the large tube bumpers and running boards. I have been through a lot of versions with this YJ and it has helped me come to the understanding that I have a compulsive need to upgrade and modify everything I own. This epiphany about six months ago has saved me quite a bit of money even if it has led me to scrap some modification ideas for the Jeep. This Jeep has performed well beyond the expectations I had for it when I picked it up. I have driven it to Alaska and back, rolled it, had it stolen, ran it to 200k, taught three kids to drive in it, and one wife how to enjoy terror at less than walking speed. At this point I’m just about happy with it….. well maybe after a four inch rear stretch…. Ya, then I’m good.

Stop whining about the 'ride' - If your YJ ain't wrangling your soul free, then might I suggest you buy a stationwagon... at least you can fit all your bull**** in the back.
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Username: cushtec
1993 YJ

-Specifications and modifications
4.0 liter, I6, 5 speed manual tranny
Stock engine, drive train and axles.
Dana 30 up front, Dana 35 in the rear
5/8" MORE shackles
2" BDS lift
31" BFG AT KOs on AR 767s
Xenon flares
PIAA Fog Lights on factory mounts
Kargo Master Congo Cage

-Brief history of your jeep and how it came to be
This is my third YJ. My 91 YJ rolled down my mechanic's parking lot into a semi, my 95 succumbed to New England rust and a shop that closed on me while the jeep was in pieces.

Found this jeep on Craigslist. It spent time in Florida and the southwest. Finally made its way to Massachusetts where it was kept stock and in a heated garage every winter. The frame was in showroom condition. I handed the man selling it a check on the spot.

New England is a fun place where rust is like the Terminator. "It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead." It didn't take too long after I bought it for spots of surface rust to start appearing. To combat the effects of moisture and the road salt used around here I Herculined the tub, POR 15'd the exterior of the frame and coated the frame interior with Eastman's Anti-Rust.

The factory springs on her were old and tired and the tires were close to rubbing the flares. It was definitely time for a lift. I had to limit the height so I could fit the jeep in my garage. I also do a lot of highway miles so I decided to installed a BDS 2 inch lift with 5/8 MORE shackles and run 31s. I was running stock flares until the shops around me told me I had to get bigger ones to pass inspection so I went with the Xenons.

Found a used Kargo Master Congo Cage and Safari Rack for my kayak and camping gear. It'll make a good mount for an LED bar when the time comes. I kept the side steps but will be installing something more substantial when I get time.

I've been happy with the mild build, she's good on the road and decent on the trail. I can get to the climbing areas and river put ins I need to. On the highway she'll let me know that I should be thinking about regearing but that's a lot of money away...

On the inside I have played around with the stereo a bit - see my posts about that. I got the audiophile bug from my father and I'm trying to get the jeep system closer to the sound of my main system at home. I've made progress but there's still a lot to experiment with.

Here's one I took the day I bought the jeep.

Username: 92 Green YJ
1992 YJ

Current specs:
Complete frame off build.
18” body and frame stretch
Motobilt spring and shackle hangers
Motobilt shock towers front and rear
Swag high clearance body mounts
4.7L Stroker motor with a Comp Cam, BBK 62MM throttle body, Banks torque tube header, 27lb an hour 4 hole fuel injectors, MSD 6 Offroad ignition, MSD coil, plugs, and wires. Powermaster 170 amp alternator.
Optima Yellow Top in an Artec battery mount. Griffin all aluminum radiator with electric fan.
Rebuilt 32RH with a shift kit and a Derale transmission cooler with fan. Art Carr Winters cable shifter with rock crawler pattern gate.
Atlas 4 speed transfer case with 3.8:1 low and 10.4:1 double low. 1350 Cv yokes front and rear and a Northwest Fabworks triple stick cable shifter.
Tom Woods Cv driveshafts
Full custom exhaust
Motobilt YJ fuel cell. All plumbing converted to -6AN Russell Pro Classic 2 lines.
Chevy Dana 60 front with Chromoly 35 spline shafts, 5.13 gears, Detroit locker, Yukon Super Joints, Yukon hardcore drive flanges, Ruffstuff diff cover, Artec full hydro ram mount, Ruffstuff spring perches.
Ford Dana 70 rear with chromoly 35 spline shafts, Ruffstuff diff cover, 5.13 gears, Detroit locker, Ruffstuff plus 2 perches, Ruffstuff disc brake conversion.
Rubicon Express 1.5” SOA springs
Pro fender air bumps at all 4 corners
Ruffstuff heavy duty anti wrap kit
Fox 2.0 remote reservoir shocks
PSC Trail series full hydraulic steering

Full custom aluminum dash and center console. Jegs steering column. Dakota Digital HDX-2200 gauge cluster with GPS speedo module. Summit Racing heater.
PRP daily drivers and PRP rear bench custom made.
Will have a scratch built roll cage.

Metalcloak high line tube fenders
Stout Fabrication custom made aluminum comp cut corners
CJ tailgate
Custom tail lights
Custom built rocker guards
Custom built air tank rear bumper.
Will have a custom built front bumper with radiator hoop and stinger.
Will have a new Warn Zeon 10k winch with synthetic line.

40x13.50R17 Bias Ply Maxxis Trepadors
17x9 Pro Comp Aluminum beadlocks

Monstaliner interior
Lizard Skin ceramic coat on the bottom of the tub
Self painted Hugger Orange

I’ve had the YJ since 2002. Started out stock. Built it up and modified it over time until I reached the point of needing to put a back seat in it again to take my kids wheeling. That is when I decided to tear it down and stretch it to a little longer than LJ length and go full custom build with it. I have done almost the entire build myself from scratch.

Username: Jmkaiser
1995 YJ

So here’s the 95 YJ I bought my wife for her new daily driver that will eventually get some more height and tires. Heres the back story to it. So my wife and I are HS sweethearts and we’re married a year after we graduated. When I HS we both loved to go missing on 2 tracks and tails. We always talked about getting a Jeep someday and making it a project for us. To keep this post from getting crazy long long story short we had our 3 beautiful kids all before we were 25. The Jeep idea went out the window and we went with 1. What we could afford and 2. That meant a minivan. While not her play Jeep it was what the family needed at the end at that point in our lives. So since we were 24 we’ve been a minivan family. Fast forward to today at 39. Our oldest graduated in June and our middle will do the same in December. So that leaves us with our youngest who’s a freshman... (meaning the minivan quickly has become way bigger than our needs anymore). I’m surfing FB one day and I see this Jeep on market place that’s not far from where we live. My wife immediately tells me if it’s not a total wreck that she wants it. I can see the pleading in her eyes, it would be a dream come true for her. Took it for a test drive, it had just rained and the tub was holding water. Discovered that the drain holes had duct tape covering them so it couldn’t drain. There was some rust but nothing crazy under the carpet. It has a 2.5l with a 5 speed manual with only 78k miles, I talked the guy down a good bit, getting it for 4K because it needed some help getting it running right. The biggest plus for my wife and I is it was a manual, as we prefer manuals and haven’t owned one in a long time. The Only things not stock on the Jeep is 225/75r15 Kelly AT Tire’s, (according to the jeeps data plate, 205/70r15’s were factory) and a locking center console in the Jeep, cause as my wife says,” it’s hard to hold your coffee in the morning and shift at the same time.” Best $65 bucks spent so far. I ripped the carpet out and will be taking care of the rust next. Followed by Raptor lining the interior. I’ve installed a new exhaust and Cat, full tune up and the only thing not replaced in the fuel system is the pump in the tank. I also installed a new T-staT, coolant sensor and O2 sensor. I’ve also had the timing chain and water pump replaced. Now she runs like a champ and you can see my wife’s smile from a country mile as she’s going through the gears. It’s all just the start to a lot of fun for the love of my life and I with this Jeep! Been a long winter. Looking forward to the warm weather.

Username: Awesome
1995 YJ

Specifications and Modifications:
4.0 I6
AX15, NP231 w/'True Neutral', Tummy Tuck – True Flat Belly
TeraFlex Super Short Slip Yoke Eliminator
Tatton's Beefy Driveshafts front and rear
8.8, 4.10:1, Limited Slip, Disk Brakes, U-Bolt Flip, Solid cover
D30, WJ Knucles/Brakes, 3/4-ton Crossover Steering, CAD Delete, Aussie, 4.10:1, Solid cover
33x10.5x15" Maxxis Razrs
Home-Built front bumper, Rugged Ridge 8500lb Winch
Rear Tire Carrier Bumper, LED Reverse Light Bars
York On Board Air, Freightliner Air Horns
Bilstein 5100 Series longer-travel shocks, Home-Built shock extensions in the rear
Superlift 3.5" Springs, sagged, Home-Built Boom Shackles front + rear
1" Body Lift
Track Bar / Sway Bar Delete Mod
Ford Ranger Front Bench Seat – Jeep seats 5
Custom Shifter Knobs
Cobra GMRS Radio
Custom Security Storage Trunk
More mods that I've forgotten, lol

I've built the whole thing myself. A lot of time and effort went into building this Jeep. I don't have a dedicated build thread, but I've documented the major modifications in threads through the years. I purchased it when I was 17 at the behest of my dad, who owned a TJ Rubicon at the time. I've owned it for about 13 years now. I met my wife because she thought my Jeep was really cool. It is no longer a daily driver, so I get to do some pretty nice modifications without worrying about downtime. I live in an area where four-wheeling is scarce now, but I still drive it when the weather is nice and I belong to a Jeep club that is fairly active. I go wheeling with them whenever I can. The whole family rides along in the 5-seat YJ. I'm pretty new to rock crawling, and had originally set up the Jeep for overland trail riding in the mountains. Rock crawling is a different experience altogether, and it's been a lot of fun learning the ropes and changing the Jeep's setup along the way.


Username: mikwallace
Year: 1990 Islander

4.2L carbureted engine
Auto transmission TF999
Originally painted Red
OEM front and rear diffs

-Rebuilt engine, bored 0.040 over at 267,000 miles
-Tranny rebuilt by PO at 247,000 miles
-TBI kit by Performance Fuel Injection
-HEI distributor
-4bbl intake and headers by Clifford Performance 6=8
-2speed electric fan
-aftermarket Tranny cooler
-All suspension rubber replaced
-2” shackle with 3”body lift
-Warn front bumper
-Warn Model 8274 winch that I kept from my 1978 CJ7
-Smitty Built rear bumper with tire carrier
-Goodyear Wrangler A/T 265/75R16 Radials for everyday and MT LT325/60R18 for off-road
-Added True Neutral selector to the NP231-J transfer case
-Novak T-case shifter
-Trail Gear Rock sliders
-upgraded Sony stereo with sound bar overhead
-Power distribution center from 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee mounted under the hood in front of the battery to provide power to electric fan, upgraded headlights, off road lights, a relay used with a kill switch for electric fan disconnect for water crossings, and room to grow for any other electrical additions that may arise in the future
-all interior lights changed to LED
-deleted the 4 relays attached to the Warn 8274 winch and replaced with Albright 500amp relay remotely placed under the hood
-added toggle switch next to heater control panel that uses the ecm circuit for increasing engine RPM for vehicles with air conditioner so I can manually increase engine RPM when needed, i.e. winch operation.

Brief History:
The PO started a modified restoration but didn’t have the time to devote because of job/family commitments. I bought it in July 2017 at an extremely reasonable price with the intent to tune the engine and quick sell. But, I fell in love with it and decided to make this my project and reminisce from Jeeps past. I had two previous CJs in the ‘70s and extremely enjoyed them, so figured why not keep this YJ and have some fun. Thanks to the guidance of many members of this forum for steering me in the right direction. A PO (not sure which one) had done the nutter bypass but the engine compartment was total chaos and a disaster zone. I elected to do an engine rebuild, delete the carb system, and go with a TBI. Works great after hours of R&D for the throttle and TV linkage. The 30 year old wiring was a mess along with the HVAC system not working. After taking the dash completely out, painting, re-wiring almost everything and rebuilding the heater vent system, using improved blower, the heater puts out hot air and works great now. It came with a partial ragtop and the framework wasn’t attached correctly, so after many phone calls to Bestop and a new top it all fits correctly now. I’ve spent many hundreds of therapeutic hours working on this YJ and loved every minute. I’ve got body armor for the rear corners but will wait to install them after a paint job in the future.

Username: jcourt667
1994 YJ Sahara

-Engine: 4.0L 6cyl.
-Trans: AX-15 5 speed.
-Xfer: NP231 w/ Texaflex super short SYE.
-Custom rear shaft = XJ front double cardan shaft shortened.
-Custom front shaft = stock YJ front shortened.
-Axles = 1979 Dana 60 HP front, Dana 60 rear. USA Standard Gears 4.88s.
-Brakes = Stock Ford fronts, disc rear conversion. ‘85 Ford 1 ton master and a ‘97 Ford explorer booster.
-Suspension = SOA BBS 1.5 inch.
-Custom anti wrap.
-Steering = Chassis Unlimited 1 ton high steer kit, custom links.
-Wheels = Mickey Thompson 17x9 w/4.5 inch bs.
-Tires = Cooper STT 37x12.5x17
-Front bumper = custom w/ Smittybuilt X2O 10k winch.
-Rear bumper = Berserk inspired custom swing out with receiver.
-Body = 1 inch Daystar.

This is my second YJ. The first was a ‘91 YJ with the 4 cyl. Wanting a 4.0L, I traded it on the current ’94 Sahara. That was back in 1997. I found it on a used car lot with 44,000 miles. I currently have 260k on it and can’t get it to give up. Runs as good as the day I bought it.

I drove it for next few years as a daily driver, till I started driving more fuel efficient cars to work. I parked the YJ and started a 9 year body off, new frame project, going SOA with one ton axles and 37 inch tires. The YJ at that time had 255k miles, and new frame was in order to have a solid foundation to build from.

Future mods: If the 4.0L ever gives up, I want to go down the 5.3L V8 conversion trail. Roll cage, locker rear and selectable front locker.

Life and kids slowed the work to be non-existent at times. But, I got it done with many hours of lurking around Jeep Forum/F12. There’s a ton of great people here with Jeep knowledge that many of my issues have been resolved by just searching. Thanks

In respectful & honorary memory:

Username: Mr.B
1994 YJ

NP231J w/ Teralow and JB SYE.
D30 w/ Aussie and Riddler Cover
Ford 8.8 w/ ARB locker and Riddler Cover
4.88 Gearing
5" Lift - Rancho 9000 Frnt (OBA adjusted), Rancho 5000s rear. M.O.R.E boomerangs Frt.
American Racing rims wrapped in 35" BFG KM2's
Milemarker PE8000 Winch
Smittybilt sliders
WARN gas tank skid
HAM and CB
Mark VII E-Fan
Cavalier Seats
Power steering conversion upgrade
136 GC Alternator upgrade
Tom Woods shafts

Stop whining about the 'ride' - If your YJ ain't wrangling your soul free, then might I suggest you buy a stationwagon... at least you can fit all your bull**** in the back.
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WOW, great entry list... All great jeeps... Good luck to all

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LUCY...2005 Unlimited "LJ" Rubicon Sahara #495
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BETTY...94, Stroker 4.6,35"s, SOLD

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style intake
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Good luck everyone

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92 Green YJ
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Good luck all.

Voted for Wookiedave cause my YJ used to look like his before I tore it apart to build the beast.

92 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited +
Tons, 40s, tons of mods
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Voted and it was tough to pick one.
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Voted. Great line up bruin and a good tribute to Mr. B.
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I have a jeep...and it is modified...I win.

YJOTM July 2012
YJOTM February 2014

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My vote has been mailed. Great line up guy!
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Woke up and looked at this list I compiled. .

Jeez... it's like 2014-15 in here.

Attached Images
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Stop whining about the 'ride' - If your YJ ain't wrangling your soul free, then might I suggest you buy a stationwagon... at least you can fit all your bull**** in the back.
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Thanks for doing this bruin.
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93 YJ SOA 2" springs front, XJ springs rear w/main leaf added, High pinon 9 inch rear detroit locker front Dana 44 ARB 4.56 Gears, 36 inch Irok tires too much to list.
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Bruiser 94 Jeep Wrangler YJ
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Voted! Wow this is the largest line-up I've seen. Very tough to decide, good thing i had a coin to flip to help

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Voted, and agree with all, what a great line up for May. Good luck to everyone!
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Shaping up into a pretty good race so early!
Just gonna lay back and enjoy this one over a cold one (not what shes having though)
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Stop whining about the 'ride' - If your YJ ain't wrangling your soul free, then might I suggest you buy a stationwagon... at least you can fit all your bull**** in the back.
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