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Web Wheeler
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June 2018 YJOTM - Vote NOW!!

Up for grabs - bragging rights for June 2018 YJOTM and $200 gift cert. from Qtec. REMINDER: All YJOTM winners are automatically entered for the chance at being voted for the illustrious title of YJOTY as well as inclusion on the /f12 Calendar (tentatively at this point on the latter note). Let's Git'r DONE!

***1st rule of YJOTM is you do not vote for yourself. 2nd rule of YJOTM is you DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF. 3rd rule? do NOT solicit votes from outside. Investigations have been held, and people have been disqualified. Just don't do it*** Having a good time is what it's all about! Good luck to all!

Username: janesy86
1995 Jeep Wrangler

Drivetrain Specs:

4.7L Stroker, 24lb Mustang injectors, cold air intake
Dana 300 tcase w/ 4:1, 32 spline input/output, twinsticked
Chevy D60 front, 4.56 gears, Detroit locker, chromo shafts, Yukon lockouts
Chevy 14 bolt rear, 4.56 gears, Detroit locker, lightly shaved/trussed
NV4500 w/ 6.34 low first gear

Suspension/Steering/Brake/Tire Modifications:

57" offset front leaves, 2" BDS front springs in rear (stretched to 100" wheelbase)
WFO springless high steer behind axle w/ PSC hydro assist
Wristed anti-wrap bar tied in to tcase skid
Late model e-brake disc brake conversion
40" Procomp MT2's
Battle Born 4x4 beadlocks


Corner guards
Barnes 4wd tcase skid
Custom diff covers F&R
Custom rock sliders & front bumper w/ grille hoop & stinger
Custom cage tied into frame
Poison Spyder fenders

Warn winch w/ synthetic rope
12 Volt Guy in-cab winch control
Corbeau Suspension Seats w/ 4 pt. harnesses
York OBA
Truck-Lite headlights

With my LJ leaving the stable this past year, me being a "Jeep Addict", I couldn't not have a Jeep to my name. So I picked up a built YJ off a local buddy. as I didnít have the time nor money to get the LJ a bit more built to handle the wheeling Iím into.

It has been well built and no corners cut and has been put together about 7 years ago, with some minor tweaking over the years. Wheeled all over New England, so has been put through the paces. I believe this rig should suit me very well with what I want in a rig and so far it has. I'm sure down the line it will go under the knife, linked & whatnot, but nothing major for the foreseeable future.

yj1 by Nick Janes, on Flickr

yj2 by Nick Janes, on Flickr

YJ3 by Nick Janes, on Flickr

YJ4 by Nick Janes, on Flickr

Username: Shadownpa
1991 YJ Wrangler

2.5l ax5 np231 w/sye
Local shop modified xj driveshaft
2.5" procomp springs with 5/8" boomerang shackles*
8.8LSD rear with chevy ubolt flip, D30 front with CAD delete, solid xj shaft swap, a lunchbox locker, and sway bar disconnects.
33x12.5-15 BFG ATs
19lb injectors, 4.0tb swap, electric fan with my own custom shroud, tj downpipe & 2.5" exhaust
Hydraulic hand brake,
LED turn signals, taillights, reverse lights, and marker lights in the bumper
Homebuilt front bumper, rear bumper, mid-mount tire carrier (new this year), and rocker armor/steps
Modified smitty rear fender wraps with Trailtubes fender kit built on them. Patched the yj cutouts and did a TJ style filler and made room for the LEDs. *
CJ style stamped tailgate attached to a reinforced rear tub panel.*
Trailtubes front fenders
Fenders, armor, front bumper, wheel wells, and interior all monstalined black*
For recovery equipment I now have a 8500# Rugged Ridge Spartacus winch with synthetic rope mounted on the front, at Bantam I just picked up a pair of soft shackles, and I keep a couple different recover straps and a snatch block in the back.
Interior trim pieces painted black to match each other. This year I added a 12v power outlet, a fire extinguisher, a Rugged Ridge steel locking center console, a truck toolbox in the back for more lockable storage to put tools and fluids into, and a pair of LED lights on the windshield hinges.

I picked up the jeep a while back and figured worst case it would be a utility vehicle for the Christmas tree farm... it snowballed into what it is now. I sandblasted and repaired the frame (including 2 new crossmembers), swapped and repaired the tub, and left pretty much nothing untouched.

Build thread: https://www.jeepforum.com/forum/f22/s...hread-1857154/

Username: directmatrix
year of production: 1992
jeep name: Delilah

Its a long story, but the used dealer that sold it to me wanted $4999, which would come with a "new" engine because the old one was "broken". I drove by the dealer for about 9 months and the Jeep continued to sit. I walked in one day and offered the guy $2000 as is. He said "no way!" so I walked out. Another 2 weeks went by...I walked back in and offered him the same $2000 and he agreed. Even threw in a free flatbed tow back to my house. I had the "broken" engine running inside of 3 hours. Fuel issue. The guy was either a crook, an idiot or both. It ended up running for a couple years before a valve broke off and it did need an engine, but that's another story.

I don't really consider this a build in the traditional offroading sense. More of a cascade and torrent of mods centered around fun projects I want to tackle, or have tackled, to make my YJ exactly the way I want it and learn a bunch of things along the way. I'm all about fit and finish that makes the Jeep appear mostly stock.

As she sits currently, she has the rebuilt 2.5L engine with about 40,000 miles on it and the majority of the Jeep is stock Upgraded items include:

Westlake SL369 - 31x10.50R15LT 109Q tires
complete overhaul of the fluids, suspension bushings and steering components
Chevy Tahoe overhead console modified to fit
Ford Explorer front seats
Nissan Pathfinder tire carrier modified to fit
DIY fabricated drop down tailgate from Ford Econoline rear door hinges
aftermarket hood assist kit
Hidden Hitch towbar
DIY dual battery kit with fabricated battery tray
stainless brake lines throughout DIY bent myself
15>20 gallon fuel tank mod
4.0L throttle body mod
new mirror relocation brackets fabricated from a Mitsubishi Montero
handbrake mod from a ZJ
Gentex temp/compass dimmable rear view mirror from a Saturn View
Mishimoto electric fan
130amp Denso alternator upgrade plus DIY big 3 cable upgrade
Brown Dog motor mounts to keep those 4 pesky squirrels in place and under control

Upcoming projects include:
Restore CJ hardtop
Restore fiberglass hard doors
finish wiring overhead console
finish installing Ford Explorer split fold rear seats
DIY lizardskin/monstaliner on the interior

I'm very close to getting her to be my garage-kept project car rather than my daily driver.

Days after I brought her home. The starting point in other words.

Playing around in a rare southern VA snowstorm.

Still looking pretty stock

A few weeks ago after I got the Rampage top mostly fitted.

Username: Bobracing
1992 YJ
Engine: 4.0
Trans: 32RH auto
Xfer: 231/D300 doubler
Front axle: 76 Waggy D44
Rear axle: 94 Isuzu Rodeo D44
Gears: 4:56
Lockers: E-lockers ft & rr
Tires: 37" Falken MT
Wheels: Allied beadlocks (heavy)
Suspension: BDS 3.5" lift springs, Reverse shackle
Shocks: Cheap 12" travel up front, 8" rears

Extra bars added to the stock bars, all tied to the frame (a, b, & c pillars)
PRP suspension seats mounted to the cage
Homebrew rockers,
Homebrew tube fenders
Homebrew radiator protector
Homebrew front bumper/winch mount.
D300 twin stick
Warn 8274 w/Bigfoot Kevlar rope
Hood highlined, 1.5Ē
1994 XJ double diaphragm brake booster
1975 T-Bird master brake cylinder
CAI, TJ air tube and parts store intake because of booster/master length
TJ rear flares
Gas tank "dented" for rear axle clearance
Switch-pro controller
Rear disk brakes
AA HD out for the D300
1/2 doors, think Iíll wait until itís a bit warmer to try them out.
OBA using the stock Sanden compressor and Grungle mod.
Finally added the side hood latches, no more green strap.

Homebrew Swing out tire carrier.
Blown out CV joint
Pinched/broken brake line.

Back Story:
This completely stock Jeep ended up at a friend's because someone needed to store it. The Jeep was thought to have a blown headgasket. Short story, thinking the kid wanted $2500, I kind of jokingly said, "it was only worth $500". About 2 day later I get a call asking if I was serious about the offer, Ummmm yes! Turns out the problem was a bad radiator cap along with a badly needed tune-up.

The build itself was a huge learning experience with some trial and lots of error. Started out wanting SOA like the Jonesí but went back SUA when the SOA ended up being a little tall. The auto/doubler combo also added some extra length making for a short driveshaft and again making the SOA less desirable.

Username: bpounds
1988 YJ Wrangler

I've owned her for right at 5 years. I sometimes call her Mauser. Sometimes call her other things that are better not published.

Original 4.2L
Howell TBI fuel injection
CRT HEI ignition
Retro-fit AX-15 with external slave
Advanced Adapters SYE
True neutral TC mode shifter
Adams rear DC driveshaft
Brown Dog motor mounts
Zone 2" lift
1/2" shackle lift
Dirtworx rear bumper and tire carrier
Warn M8274 Winch
LED front fogs
LED rear backup lamp
22" light bar on custom mounts
Late model TJ side mirrors

Username: mustanggarage
1990 YJ Wrangler

I bought this jeep initially as a daily driver for my daughter. She needed something to get her to and from school that would survive an Iowa winter, and a high school parking lot. I bought it off eBay. I also wanted a project to work on and this fit the bill perfectly. The body was in pretty good shape, but it needed a lot of mechanical work. I am decent at mechanic work, but I suck at paint and body. I also wanted a six cylinder jeep, and my daughter wanted an automatic so it was pretty much exactly what I wanted. So I bought it and had it shipped from Ohio. When I first got it there were no stickers on the side, and so when my wife looked at it she said ďwhy does it say JOOP on the sideĒ I laughed and said because it is a Joopacabra. And the name stuck. When it arrived it would not run. I spent a lot of time getting it into decent mechanical shape for her and she drove it to school for a couple of years. She had a school permit, so she started driving at 14. Once she turned 16, I found a TJ jeep 4.0 auto with ac and cruise control. A bit more comfortable in an Iowa summer, and a bit more civilized for a teenage girl. I was going to trade the yj, but decided to keep it for myself. I love tinkering, building the jeep is what I do for fun.

Modifications performed by the prior owner:

weber carb.
Bedlinered the inside,
it had an OR Fab sport cage in the front.
Best top bucket seats.
Tuffy security center console, and glove box

Some of the things I have done to it.

I started out just fixing what was wrong with it.
I got it running by replacing the distributor, doing the nutter bypass and fixing the vacuum lines.
Put a thermostat in it, replaced the heater core and did the blazer blower motor upgrade.
I will group the modifications into categories so it will make a bit more sense, I hope. This is not necessarily the order I did them in.

MPFI conversion:

When my daughter asked me why you had to pump it so much to get it started I decided it was time to do the MPFI fuel injection upgrade. I bought the kit from Hesco. I also swapped a 4.0 head on and I swapped in a new 95 style 20 gallon plastic tank with in tank fuel pump. This conversion made a world of difference in how easy the jeep was to start, it ran great no matter the weather. Started with just a quick crank of the key. I love this conversion.

Brake upgrade:

Replaced the front disks with black magic pads, rotors and new calipers. Replaced the drums completely and replaced all the lines with stainless steel lines. I did a 95 yj booster and master cylinder upgrade at the same time.
4wd upgrade:
TJ one piece axles.
transfer case with slip joint eliminator.
driveshafts from tom woods.
XJ Dana 44 rear axle
4.10 G-2 gears front and back
ARB lockers front and back
ARB dual motor compressor, and manifold with pump up kit, and 1 gallon air tank.

Cosmetic changes:
Custom speed hut gauges. With YJ logo. black bezel
Lecarra steering wheel
Wet okeole seatcovers and heated seats.
JVC stereo and Sound bar
Rearview mirror with map lights
Bushwacker pocket flares
The Joopacabra decals I had custom made. I had the same company make the decals for the mini joop.

Lift and tires:

31 10.50 15 General tires
Rubicon express 2.5 inch lift with sway bar disconnects and eliminated the track bars.
Currie boomerang shackles and front shackles.

Armor and recovery:

ARB diff covers.
Tomken rocker skids
diamond plate rocker armor
front and rear bumpers with D-rings
Quadratec 9500i stealth winch synthetic line.

Golen 4.6l Stroker:

I wanted to keep the inline 6 so I decided to buy a Golen 4.6 stroker motor. 270 hp and 300 torque.
Griffin aluminum radiator
Banks Torque tube header
110 watt alternator

Username: shaggyjim
1992 YJ Wrangler

-My Jeep was originally an all black SE with a soft top and half doors, tube bumpers, AC, 4.0L H.O and three speed automatic.
I have now added the following to it.

-High pinion Dana 44 from a 77 F150 with Detroit Truetrak and 4.88's, Chevy knuckles with Ford disks in 5x5.5, high steer made from 1.5"x.250 DOM.

-Ford 9" out of a 80's Bronco with a true Hi9 center that has a 35 spline ARB with 4.88's, and 35 spline Currie shafts.

-I have a Super short SYE from Teraflex and drive shaft I got from a place in south Denver. it front drive shaft is stock from a XJ.

- Hydroboost with Corvette master 1-1/8 bore

-35" BFG KM2's and aluminum wheels

-Other mods include no front bumper, Mile Marker 9500, Smittybult rear bumper and tire carrier, Genright aluminum rocker guards and flat fenders, Lacarra steering wheel, cheap Autozone racing seats, Early CJ7 full doors, frameless soft top from softtoppers, and two booster seats for the Kids.

-As for the future mods I have been looking hard at a four link setup running ORI struts and a L33 5.3L/4l60e swap. I would also like a nice set of spring seats and to add onto the roll bar and a zip locker for the Dana 44.

Attached Thumbnails
image1 (1).jpeg   image3.jpeg   image2 (2).jpeg   IMG_1885.jpg  

Stop whining about the 'ride' - If your YJ ain't wrangling your soul free, then might I suggest you buy a stationwagon... at least you can fit all your bull**** in the back.
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Thanks bruinjeeper for doing this!

93 YJ SOA 2" springs front, XJ springs rear w/main leaf added, High pinon 9 inch rear detroit locker front Dana 44 ARB 4.56 Gears, 36 inch Irok tires too much to list.
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Voted! Great job putting this together. Much appreciated and some really good entries this month!

Everyone get voting! Maximum participation effort!


92 YJ, Delilah

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Nice heeps, I mean Jeeps.

1994 YJ, Heinz 57
1976CJ5, It's a bit of a mutt, too.
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Wow, I just read through all of these and I really need time to process; I'm down to my top 3, but I'm struggling... Great group this month!
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95 YJ-Sold
YJOTM 05/15,05/18
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95 YJ-Sold
YJOTM 05/15,05/18
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92 YJ
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Voted! And thanks for doing this.
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What a hard choice this month....

Originally Posted by George Orwell
We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.
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Voted good luck ! Looks like a tight race

'89 YJ The Smurf Yjoty 2016
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'99 XJ Black Betty
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What a HARRIBLE month!

The contest is loaded with awesome YJ's
Not a dog in the bunch!
Really love the snow pics too.

I'm gonna have to think about this some.

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94 Sahara YJ 4.0L HO. 260k miles!
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