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Jeepguy4276 04-20-2019 02:43 PM

Recharging AC: DIY?
I need my AC recharged, it works just doesn’t get as cold as it used to. I have been thinking of just buying the stuff at a parts store or Walmart and doing it myself. They have the pressure gauge right on it so it should be safe. I just can’t decide if I should go for it or take it to a shop. The AC system was professionally rebuilt at a dealership a few years back and there should be no leaks. I just don’t want to hurt the system.

Suggestions? Success stories?

2oldjeeps 04-20-2019 04:48 PM

i just added some to mine . it needed some last year too. follow directions so you dont let it out!. mine goes to 35 deg, on a rare warm day!!
add a little and try, add more...get a cheap thermometer.

TheBoogieman 04-22-2019 12:02 AM

I've been doing mine for years. I use the stuff with stop leak in it because you shouldn't need to recharge it. I've never had any problems and never had to do it twice.

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