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by saulyjortiz
02-13-2009 01:10 PM
leaf or coils
so i stay with the stock leaf spring or convert to a coil over suspension
08-28-2012 10:15 AM
by nickyj89
05-20-2009 10:39 AM
pain in the a**
so when im at a stop light and i got to put it into first once in awhile it wont pop in to gear so...
08-28-2012 10:14 AM
by madmax79
01-22-2009 07:21 PM
Early YJ Club Member #1 The addiction continues.
07-23-2012 01:03 PM
by Islander_child
11-29-2010 05:40 PM
YJ compatibility
Hey Ive got an 89 YJ and im trying to get the thing back up to specs as its been sitting for some...
11-29-2010 05:40 PM
by JBlack87
07-10-2009 02:48 PM
1987 5 Speed manual fluid
I'm confused about what gear oil I should run in my 1987 4.2 Laredo with 5 speed manual tranny. The...
07-29-2009 01:25 PM
by saulyjortiz
01-29-2009 11:06 AM
axel swap
i broke the spider gears in the d35 for the 4th time should i put a locker in the d35 or just get...
02-13-2009 09:09 AM

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