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This is a Club for all the Jeeps in Auburn Alabama.
20 5
The group for all Oklahoma based Jeep owners of all kinds.
75 10
For everyone that has the unloved 4.2 and is proud of it!
138 6
If you got brown seats that slightly resemble leather, until u sit on them, then this group is for you!!!
16 1
For those of us who know that the inevitable is to come, and have prepared accordingly for....


must have appropriate badging, so when **** hits the fan, we know who friends are
137 3
owners of the greatest factory Jeeps ever made.
107 5
For anyone connected to aviation, whether is Military or civilian.
46 5
Must be a U.S. veteran of war and love this country. No latte sipping metro-sexual hippie liberal types allowed. Now lets make this group as loud and proud as any other. HOO-RAH!! Here we can chat and reminisce, plan to get together, seek help from one another or even plan trips. The group is open to all war veterans no matter what branch you served or when or where you served. here is another site for us to check out
267 18
This group is for the RME drivers out there. We know your out there, we just don't see you as much as the "Sports" and "Saharas." Let's represent our nice painted fender flares, Dana 44 rear axle, Alcoa wheels, our two tone seats and dash, and last but not least our missing RME sticker on the drivers side with pride!
39 5
People that are using the AMC 20 axle.
5 3
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