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A group to dicuss Interlake's trails and future
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Just trying to gather some people stationed at Lewis. I see a lot of jeeps but don't really know if there is any runs or crawls going on. Maybe we can get organized here.
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For owners/enthusiasts of the CJ-6 (THE ORIGINAL UNLIMITED).
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This group is based out of the Extreme Jeep dealership in McHenry, IL on Route 120, any and all jeeps in the area are welcome to join and come with us on trips to do what they were made for, Off-Road use.
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For all Jeep owners that spend time with their father or son while working or playing with the jeeps.
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This group is open to participants of the Hour of Awesomeness that spontaneously occurred here on Jeep Forum on 4-13-2009.
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“Keep Our Pathway Clean™” “KOPC™” Founded by: Michael Q. Club President “KOPC™” is a program based on a principle of helping to keep our trails, offroading parks, planned events and others clean. Clean from all kinds of garbage like: food/drink containers, left over foods, chemicals/fluid spills, human waste, destroyed damaged parts and more. “KOPC™” goal is to be respectful and responsible to keep the environment clean. An individual, group or club can voluntarily make a personal vow to try our best to keep those places that is mentioned above free from garbage like: food/drink containers, left over foods, chemicals/fluid spills, human waste, destroyed damage parts and more Keeping this vow will be on a personal, group or club level and will be your responsibility on “Keeping Our Pathway Clean™.” You, your group or your club can think of some ideas so everyone can be involved. Everyone can also help educate each other as well as cleaning up after others who were not so...
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The Cleveland Offroad Jeepers Organization is dedicated to the local and surrounding areas of Cleveland, TN. This family friendly organization welcomes any and all Jeep owners in the area. As we grow larger and more organized, we want to give our members every opportunity to participate in private and public functions.
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All those fellow yj owners in ohio this is ur group
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