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This is a legit group. We are a group looking for other offroad enthusiast in the central new jersey area.This group is also connected to the club. We will have meetings on Saturday nights to discuss upcoming club events such as rides,shows, and updates within the club. If you join we expect you to come to some meetings and trail rides and events. Thank you.
32 14
this group is for anyone in calgary alberta canada that owns a jeep, we also have a facebook page here!/groups/472210979464622/members/ come join, we are free and hopefully we will start trail rides by the time the snow hits. happy wheeling calgary
5 0
We are an proud group of Jeep owners who hold true to the last in line, of a long heritage of the greatest leaf sprung Wrangler ever made. The 1995.
103 5
Welcome to the state with no public trails! The only place we're allowed to use 4WD is on the beach.
23 2
Anyone past or present who attend Michigan Tech and want to share info on trails, memories, or just chit chat.
9 2
A group for students and alumni of the greatest university in the world!
24 4
This is for all those Parrotheads out there that love Jeeps and the Great Jimmy Buffet ! Come on and join ! FINS UP !
70 9
The one and only! The best year for the XJ, but not limited to XJs! Welcome to all Jeep models. 99s rule!
92 4
people who love the grateful dead and jeeps!
15 1
anyone that owns a green Grand Cherokee, big or small.
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