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Lets see em..jeeps that LIVE in michigan that is
24 1
People with passion and experience in desert offroading
7 1
Own a Jeep and your name is Matt? Welcome home.
12 1
Anyone in the Houston/Bay area that loves to be off-road, this is for you!
21 1
To Celebrate Jeep's Guinness World Record of putting a Jeep Wrangler at 21,804 feet on Chile's Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano on Earth!!! Jeep created this special edition. Sadly the old timers ran out to capture their youth and purchased the Islander edition which came out at the same time. Since the demand was low for a $1,800 option Jeep dropped it at the end of 2010. With less than 2,000 units ever produced with the Mountain Edition option this makes it Jeep's second rarest special edition. Celebrate our unique love for this vehicle's special interior and exterior upgrades.
6 1
For any of you who own a Liberty, want one, or think they're amazing!
34 5
This is a group for all high schoolers who are broke because they throw every penny they have into their jeeps.
418 33
a group specifically for long island jeepers. though there arent many places to go wheelin on this island, Jeeps are still here.
75 14
4x4 club from the Inland Empire
3 1
If you're in Idaho, join up. Set up trips, meet new people.
67 2
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