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a group of fellow jeepers who are also Eagle Scouts!
147 3
Open to anybody who is a Boy Scout or was at one time, and also any venturers out there because i know some ladies also, went through that program.
127 10
This is a group for XJ owners to discuss anything and everything. Come join us for some general chit chat. -Kyle
1,275 191
Owners of CJ Jeeps unite!
939 102
In Dos Equis lingo...We are an elite group of Jeepers who can build an offroad machine with our bare hands. Mommy did not buy our Jeep & lift & pay to have it installed. We do not take our heeps to the shop to get repaired...... period! We can take a hunk of metal and turn it into a diamond. We are..... the most interesting Jeepers in the world. We are Built Not Bought.
830 17
Anyone who served on submarines.
2 0
I've tried searching for a group with just us Newfoundlanders in it, but to my suprise i got nothing..soo lets get one started! If you know anybody with a jeep in Newfoundland get them to join this site/group!
8 1
This group is based of all Jeepers in the Southeast region of the USA.
33 4
Obsessed jeep owners from from NY
189 7
For all nurses who drive Jeeps. Does not matter you title...RN,LPN,CNA. Doesnt matter your gender..Male/Female. Here you can vent about your job, or brag about your Jeep! O|||O
15 4
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