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Gramps 12-16-2006 01:30 PM

Window Visors
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Window Visors, MOPAR # 82209643. These came from allyourmissingpieces on eBay. Good seller!

Why Window Visors?

I’m sure that some of you have been around long enough to remember “Rain Gutters”, those metal strips that channeled rain that ran off of the roof away from the side windows. These things went away sometime around the introduction of curved side glass windows. If you take a look at your Compass and almost anything else out there, you’ll notice that the top of your side windows are set in closer than the bottom part of the window. This will allow rain to run off your roof and go down inside to the door panel where your power window switches and door looks are located if you have your window open at all during the rain, not a good thing! The Window Visors let you leave your windows open a little bit, regardless of the weather, for better ventilation. This is handy if you smoke, and don’t want the smell to just sit there inside your Compass; if you have hot, muggy summer days and want the A/C to flow a little better; or just want to crack your windows a little in the summertime so the heat doesn’t build up while it’s parked but you don’t want it to look like your windows are open. Whatever your reasons might be, some people just think that they look cool. I’ve had a set on my daughters Dakota for about 6 years now and the glue that they use on the tape DOESN’T let go, believe me!

Here are some helpful instructions on installing them. The instructions are written in French Canuck, Latino American and even English (not Redneck) for those of us that understand it but, the I think the pictures are draw in Chinese.

The only critical placement of these is up over the mirror base where it actually fits on top of the base. Start by cleaning the areas with the 4 alcohol wipes provided, then remove the 2 short strips of backing from the ends of the Visor and then just start pealing back the ends of the long center strip and folding them over the upper edge enough that you can get a hold of it to remove LATER.

Position the front edge over the mirror base and align it so that it fits DOWN to the TOP edge and AGAINST the SIDE, DO NOT PRESS FIRMLY YET! Gently let the rear part of the Visor fall more or less naturally into place over the door. I aligned mine by eyeball keeping the distance between the top edge of the door and the Visor the same distance down the length of it. DON’T PRESS DOWN YET!

Next, POSITION the rear Visor with the end strips removed and the center strip just started like on the front one. Again, it’s just eyeballing it in there, centering it over the window and keeping the distance between the top edge of the door and Visor rather constant.

Stand back and look at it. Is it where you want it, centered, straight and both front and rear in alignment? Look between the mirror base and the front edge of the Visor, IF you press that down will it seal up and close the gap that is there right now? If not you can still adjust it, good thing you didn’t press down firmly, right? Once you’re satisfied, remove the long backing strips by pulling them up and out, NOW press down firmly starting at the mirror base and then all along the edges. Now stand back and admire a job well done!

If you boo booed (like I did on the passenger side) and you can see daylight between the mirror base and the Visor don’t try to remove the Visor. A little gap at that point can be easily filled/fixed with your favorite black silicon adhesive from the inside, my favorites are 3M Super Weather Strip Adhesive and GOOP Contact Adhesive and Sealant. Most of these kinds of adhesives are a little “stringy” so have your chop stick or pop sickle stick handy to cut off the silicon string that forms when you pull the tube away.

g3cko 12-17-2006 05:49 PM

You keep buying everything before I can get a chance to, which is good I guess because I get an unbiased review.

Gramps 12-17-2006 06:39 PM

I guess it's not a bad thing that I get to make the mistakes first and let you know what to watch out for:eek: , makes me feel needed:D . My receiver should be here tomorrow but with Christmas, weather, etc. I don't know when I'll get a chance to put it on. Pictures and story of course. I didn't get the wiring harness with it, they seemed a bit too pricey for something I must have made a hundred times:rolleyes: .

phil8400 12-17-2006 08:12 PM

Looks great Gramps. :thumbsup:

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