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Originally Posted by jjdejesus View Post
Patriot 4x2 Sport. 2.0

Why? I wanted a small SUV, never plan to take it off road, don't have anything to tow, wanted American, wanted good MPG, and didn't want to spend over $20K. Based upon those needs, the Patriot singled itself out. I couldn't find another similar American car that fit the bill.

I think that is a good thing for Jeep. If Jeep only wants to make 4x4, I can understand that from their traditional and 4x4 heritage perspective. Can't understand it financially though. If Jeep doesn't continue to make 4x2s, then Chrysler or Dodge better step up and make smaller SUVs similiar to the Patriot, especially in price.

Those are exactly the reasons my wife bought her Patriot.

My brother got the 4x4 option because he will take his offroad every once in awhile.

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Gramps wasn't talking about slander and such, he was reminding us to keep this particular forum technical.

"There's gold in them hills" (and I'm still stuck in Florida!) ...well, in south Miss now, lol

Black '07 Compass Sport 5-speed 4X4 ("Fortuneer"), K&N filter, cat-back exhaust; RR lift, sunroof, trailer tow group, Boston Acoustic audio, sport bars, rear taillight guards, more to come... Finally got it back from the wife so I can let my Neon R/T rest for a rebuild.
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Ok can't stand it anymore. I giving an ear full about 4X4 vehicles in general. Unless a person is lives in an extremly harsh enviroment or does actual off-roading in think a 4X4 or AWD is a blatant waste of money! I work for big contractors doing maintainence in powerplants almost always the contractors have fleats of 2WD work trucks. It's overhead. The 2wd is much cheaper to buy in the first place,cheaper to operate,uses less gas,cheaper to maintain,cheaper to insure. Im a firm believer in snow tires, thats what i use on my 4X2 Compass. I bought a set of factory rims off a Patriot on ebay for cheap that i mounted my snow tires to. As an example of the capability of snow tires. heres something to ponder. Everytime it snows here, theres always wrecks on the highway, and as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, a state tropper will be the in a RWD Crown Vic to sort it all out. Im the last person u will ever sell a 4X4 vehicle to!
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Wow...I ventured over here and decided to give my two cents....Buy what you like, what you need, or what you can afford. My family has owned nothing but Jeeps and I was finally able to purchase my own this year....A mint pre-owned 2005 Jeep Liberty....I put about 10,000 miles on her this year...I absolutely love it. I probably wouldn't want a Jeep without 4 wheel drive because I like being able to go places that require it occasionally. Also, NJ gets decent snow in the winter and I like to beat the plows. With that being said, Is 4 wheel drive a necessity here....Short answer NO, the plows come out pretty quickly and if you stay on asphalt there's literally no reason why you would ever need 4 wheel drive in this state. For some places though, 4 wheel drive is absolutely necessary...My cousin has a farm a few hours away and they have these things called "seasonal roads" all over....It basically means no maintenance...I couldn't believe that they literally dont plow, pave, or salt these roads....You wouldn't make it up there without 4x4. Back on topic a 2 wheel drive Jeep an oxymoron....I dont think so, especially for the compass which was not designed to be an off-roader, but I believe if your going to buy a full size Jeep you might as well get 4 wheel drive because your not saving much on gas without it.
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Originally Posted by cuemark8 View Post
Unless a person is lives in an extremly harsh enviroment or does actual off-roading in think a 4X4 or AWD is a blatant waste of money!
That is a pretty strong statement. I've gotten much use out of my four wheel drive just on the paved streets of Helsinki this winter. Sure, some situations could have been solved with quick reflexes and an application of the hand brake, avoiding parking where there is a lot of snow on the ground, driving only where the plows have had the time to clear the snow etc. I've driven two wheel drive vehicles in and around this city for over ten years and usually* managed all right, so I'm not claiming that four wheel drive is absolutely mandatory or anything. But it does help. If you look at it objectively, there is no denying that it helps. And this is just talking about city driving, hardly an "extremely harsh environment".

* Then there was that one time I spent the entire time I reserved for driving to work just trying to get out of the parking lot. Or the time I spent a good five to ten minutes trying to make it out of a customers parking lot. Or the time I was caught out in heavy snow fall about 100km from home and damaged my car pushing through the stuff... Like I said, usually you can manage without, if you stay on the streets instead of off them. But not always.
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I seldom drive in town. I'm always on the back roads because of less traffic. I'm out way before the snow plows even fire up. I can usually cruise along about 5 + mph faster than others cars (I catch up to them). I have no fear of passing someone driving 15 - 20 mph slower than necessary. Is it that bad all of the time? No of course not. I see many other cars off in the ditch, maybe they were fools but they were driving faster than conditions or their cars allowed. I've never been there and I don't expect to be. Was it the ESP, TC or 4WD that gets me where I'm going? I can't tell you but the 4WD does give me piece of mind. Maybe chalk it up to many years of experience AND a vehicle that is VERY predictable. When the wife and I go someplace together it's with me driving the Compass not her and her Grand because she feels more comfortable in it too.

I do agree that many people do not need 4WD, FWD is just fine especially with the other electronics on board. But the pick-up in front of me the other day sure got frustrated when all he was able to do was go straight instead of being able to turn left like he wanted. The FWD car in front of me made the turn with the rear end sliding a little and the Compass took it like it was dry pavement. That intersection was all ice that morning.


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Originally Posted by Gramps View Post
Was it the ESP, TC or 4WD that gets me where I'm going?
Personally, the safety feature I think I've gotten most use out of is the AWD. Okay, a few times the ABS brakes have kicked in. ESP, ERM, all those are either too slow or I just plain don't drive recklessly enough to activate them. But that AWD! The usual situation is where the Jeep is sending power to just the front wheels, I turn in an intersection, and the intersection turns out to be more slippery than I thought. By the time I have time to think "oh hey, understeer" that AWD kicks in and the rear wheels pull the vehicle back into control.
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Here's my personnal answer to this : I never go offroad with the Compass and live in the city but we do get plenty of snow here in Quebec during winter and it's often very difficult to get out of the driveway or to be able to park on the street without getting stuck. It gets very cold and there is a lot of ice so it's sometimes difficult to take a turn, most FWD vehicule will continue straight and hit the snow bank. But during summer, AWD is useless for me and actually the Fredom Drive I system mostly make the vehicule act as a 2WD. Since we have almost 4 full months of winter driving here, I thought it was a good investment to get the 4x4 version, and I LOVE it!

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