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JeepDVL45 02-28-2014 06:50 AM

Patriots and Dogs
Its been a while since I've been active on JF (I had to sell my TJ last year), but I do have a question for you Patriot owners.

My wife and I are currently looking to adopt a dog, and after months of searching for the right dog for our family, we think we found him.

The only 'problem' -- he is a Swiss Mountain Dog mix (similar to a Bernese)..... currently he's 13 months old and 70-80lbs (about the size of a large full grown lab), but he still has some "filling out" he's going to do

So here is my question...What kinds dogs does everyone have (breed, size etc), and how do they fit in your Patriot (the cargo area)?
(the back seat goes to my kid and her carseat)


Tom06TJ 03-03-2014 12:24 PM

I regularly transport my 98# chocolate Lab in my Patriot. I have a cage big enough for the size dog. The only way it fits is to fold down the larger part of the back seat. If your child can live with just having the smaller part of the seat you should be OK. If not, then teach your dog to stay in the back cargo space. Not the safest way to transport the dog, but may be your only option.

joeago4 03-19-2014 08:43 AM

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When we go camping we bring our two golden retrievers we fill the gap between the front seats and the back seats with gear (tarp,air matress, ect.) The dogs then lay in the back seats with their harness attached to the seat belts, still plenty of room for gear in the back cargo area

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