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Silkk19 02-25-2008 05:22 AM

Patriot Hood Issue
My dad has a new Patriot and when he's on the highway (speeds about 70-80) the hood bounces a bit. He went to the dealer and noticed all the Patriots and Compasses. Seems a bit dangerous. Not sure if anyone posted anything about, if so can you direct me to where it's posted.

Gramps 02-25-2008 05:29 AM

I've seen that problem posted on another site. It's not dangerous, the hood is quite well attached and isn't going to fly up on you. It has to do with the aerodynamics of where the rear of the hood meets the more upright windshield on the Patriot, more so than on the Compass, causing lift. I'll look into it some more and get back to you, but you needn't be too concerned although I'm sure it's annoying.

Silkk19 02-25-2008 07:05 AM

The dealer said the same thing but our only concern is that equipment eventually wears and when it does who knows what may happen. I guess in this situation I am just thinking pessimistically because my dad travels for his job and I don't want there to be a hood issue later down the road. I appreciate your post and any further information you may have. Thanks!

Jeepster55 02-25-2008 07:37 PM

i agree with "Gramps".....if the hood was 'lifting' in the front, that would be a different story. but because of the 'lift' at the cowl area, the hood panel simply flexes. is it annoying? it a safety issue? NO. if you watch any NASCAR races, you'll see the same thing happen to those cars and at much higher speeds and WITHOUT the hoods flying up OR off.

as for a remedy, about the only thing i see that could be done on this is to replace the hood with a heavier gauge metal......OR simply redesign the Patriot;)

little nagging things like this make me SOOOOO glad i got the Compass. flappin' hoods, leakin' dome thing will be the 'electric power assist' steering locking up while driving. oh, wait...that was my Pontiac G6.....NEVERMIND! :D

Silkk19 02-26-2008 05:37 AM

Gramps and Jeepster, I appreciate all your feedback and suggestions on the issue. You two have been a big help

Gramps 02-26-2008 06:55 AM


Originally Posted by Silkk19 (Post 4867288)
Gramps and Jeepster, I appreciate all your feedback and suggestions on the issue. You two have been a big help

Just a little more feedback. Some have talked about adding the old(?) style Jeep "T" latches on the rear corners. Not sure how anybody feels about drilling holes in the new vehicles but at least its Jeep style.

I'll be down at the dealers again this weekend and try and take a look to see how different the mounts are (if at all) from the Compass.

Gramps 03-01-2008 07:04 AM

4 Attachment(s)
This post may be a lot of reading for some but it’s condensed down from 17 pages of what turned into pissing and whining match about engineering, workmanship, Jeep fans and those employed by Chrysler. What’s left is, I believe, some good information that appears to be useful for those that have concerns about the Patriot’s flapping hood. The VL007 and VL009 stamping numbers on the hinges mentioned are just that “stamping numbers”. There was also mention of VL005 and 6 stamping numbers as well. The Jeep numbers will be along the lines of 55399000AB (right) and 55399001AB (left) for the ’07 Patriots.


Originally Posted by JeepInfoCenter (Post 28612)
With regard to the Patriot "Flapping Hood" phenomenon, I would strongly recommend reporting your concerns to Jeep directly. They can tell you where and how to proceed with this issue.

You can contact the Jeep Information Center by calling 1-800-925-JEEP or by utilizing the "Contact Us" portion of the website. You can use the "Customer Assistance" link.

Here is a link to the appropriate page.

I hope this helps.

- Sean T.
Jeep Online Dialogue Representative
Jeep Information Center
1-800-925-JEEP / 1-800-925-5337


Well I took mine to the dealership yesterday! There was a JEEP tech there when I pulled in and he started to look at it right away! I showed him that you can lift the back of the hood like 1/2 or more!! He said that isn't right and I told him that is why I am here!

Anyways he popped the hood and there are stoppers that are by the rear hinges! They take a 10mm socket and he adjusted them up! Seem to help BUT it made a bigger gap by the fender!! Well they said that they are going to look into it and have a body shop look at it!! I don't know if this is a good thing or bad!! I am going to check it over really good when I get it back!!

On the lot (at a dealership) were eight Patriots, seven Compasses & seemingly countless 2008 Jeep Libertys. The Patriots and Compasses were a mixed bag of '07s and '08s and I took the time to check for rear hood lift on every single Patriot and Compass on the lot, plus about a half-dozen 2008 Jeep Libertys.

What I discovered with my static tests confirmed what's been reported in this thread: the windscreen end of each and every Patriot's hood could be easily raised by hand by 1/2 inch or more. Similar static tests on both the Compass and the Libertys revealed no lift whatsoever, both model's hoods being solid and tight.

What does this mean? I can't say for sure, but I believe it's an observation that should certainly be reported to Jeep engineering with the hope of learning whether this 'lift' is intentional or an unwanted, but unavoidable artifact of the coachwork's design because of constraints imposed on the vehicle's design and/or manufacturing engineers.

From what I observed and after inspecting the bonnet's hinge design with it raised, I humbly submit that the 'hood play' is a direct result of the articulated hinge's design and completely unrelated to improper adjustment of the rear under-hood bumper stops. Ratcheting the bumper stops up may appear to solve the problem, but improper adjustment of same is not the root cause of the problem .. if indeed it is a problem at all.

I will admit that I've never seen anything like this in the 40 to 50 vehicles I've owned in my lifetime, but whether or not this measurable 'play' at the hood's rear will eventually lead to premature metal fatigue and possible failure of the hinge itself is of yet unknown .. at least to me. In the meanwhile, I believe it's right and proper to be cautiously concerned about the hood's dynamic behavior and to bring it to the attention of Jeep's engineering & management hierarchy.

Originally Posted by 1inchgroup (Post 35716)
Holy crap, they fixed it!!!

Took the Jeep into Ontario Jeep this afternoon, and they took it over to the body shop for a look.

Picked it up 4 hours later and I've got a completely new hinge. Hood sits nicely...with no slop or slack. I've yet to try it out on an extended freeway trip, but that'll come on the way back home...road test post and pics to follow, but for now I think I can say...

I'm amazed. It's fixed!!!

Could someone post a picture of their flappy hinge? I'll post a picture of the new hinge setup and we can compare them. The new one looks more substantial, and I think it may be the hinge from the 2008 model.
Absolutely...really it feels like a different vehicle now. Spent a little time on the freeway at 70-80 MPH and it's a lot more stable. Before, it seemed to wander pretty easily with gusts of wind...that hood was like a spoiler on the front. I'll post some pictures when I get home, probably drive back tomorrow. Not sure if it's a new hinge, but my brother looked at it yesterday and agreed that something looks different from the way it was. Looks more solid somehow. Getting a nice close shot of an original flappy hood hinge and this new mounting should tell us what they changed. You have a digital camera? Take a shot of your driver's side hinge with the hood up and I'll get one from the same angle.

Strange that 4 hours in the body shop would fix it all up. It must have been something really obvious to the guys working there...


Here's some pics. I'm not sure what's different. Part number on the hinge is VL009. I remember the hinges that were on there originally had a bend in the middle. There is no bend in these ones. Other than that, I don't see any difference. Oh, they also added that piece of foam, I had no foam there originally. They do seem to be a bit more substantial than what I remember...thicker metal.

Originally Posted by Irish Waif (Post 36081)
[INDENT]Flappen' Hood People,

If you'll look closely at the hinge photo provided by Goebel1 and shown immediately above, it appears to have the part number VL007 stamped on it. Does this perhaps mean that there have been redesigned and beefed-up hood hinges introduced somewhere along the line in the Patriot's production run? 1inchgroup reports that his hood problems were fixed with the installation of hinges bearing the part number VL009.


Originally Posted by Irish Waif (Post 36088)

Thanks for the update and taking the time to elaborate on what you and your brother perceive as the differences between the old and new hinges. Your observations in mind, I can clearly see in the hinge photo posted by Goebel1 that there are lateral and opposing bends (you called them 'side-to-side' bends) in the old hinge PN#VL007, while your new hinge PN#VL009 is straight.

I believe it's safe to conclude that the Jeep Patriot's structural engineers are aware of the problem and have made design changes during the vehicle's production run. Other changes and/or improvements may follow based on their own testing and feedback from the field.

Irish Waif

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