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wesleyd 07-12-2009 05:06 PM

Max Weight Towed with Compass
Before I begin let me post my specs.
2009 Compass North Package 5 Speed Manual Front Wheel Drive
I installed the towing package which included the oil cooler, the wiring harness, and an after market class 3 hitch. So I am able to safely tow 2000lbs according to the manual.
I just purchase a 1500lb pop up trailer and am going to be doing some travelling with it over the summer.
I was just curious as to if anyone has towed upwards of the 2000lb mark with their compass and how it behaved a freeway speeds (100KM/65 MPH I only do the posted limit).
Looking forward to hearing any stories and once I pick up my trailer I will repost as to how performance and handling is.

Gramps 07-12-2009 08:20 PM

Ledge and others have some first hand info here.

wesleyd 07-13-2009 09:38 AM

Thanks Gramps always helpful with the information.

miketmx 07-13-2009 10:46 AM

I dunno, I always hear stories about how you can pull a trailer no sweat with a small car. I have a 99 XJ Cherokee with the 4.0 L 6 cyl and I could pull a pop-up trailer but I have serious doubts about pulling a 2000 lb 17 ft fiber glass travel trailer which I think is the smallest usable trailer for our purpose. Some good friends tried to pull a 2200 lb trailer with their 6 cyl minivan and it didn't work. I would not even put a hitch on our Patriot. Just my opinion!

miketmx 07-13-2009 11:02 AM

I should have added that the frontal area of the trailer is an important concern. A pop-up trailer has a much smaller frontal area to buck wind resistance than a tall light weight 35 year old Boler type travel trailer.

Gramps 07-13-2009 05:20 PM

Frontal area is a concern.
22 Sq. Ft with out prep package; tongue weight 150 lbs
32 Sq ft with; tongue weight 225 lbs.

Ledge 07-13-2009 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by Gramps (Post 7568501)
Ledge and others have some first hand info here.

Gramps is correct I also have a 5 speed Fwd. I've towed my boat with the Patriot and it has plenty of power to get it moving from a dead stop, it has plenty of power to pull the boat up a slippery boat ramp, I had no problems with trailer sway (it's important to make sure the trailer is level when towing to help prevent sway), I had no problems stopping. The only thing it did not like to do was pull the trailer uphill on the highway in 5th gear. Definitely downshift for steep or long hills but that is expected.

I've not weighed my boat/motor/trailer but I am sure it is over 1500lbs as the unloaded boat is 840lbs itself. That's before you add all the gear, 20 gallons of gas, the trailer, and a 50hp four stroke Merc.

The only thing that may be a little different for you is that most small pop campers have a very short wheel base. If you can tow it level though, you should be fine.

wesleyd 07-14-2009 06:16 AM

Thanks for all of the information guys. I pick up the pop up camper on Thursday and am hoping to go camping on the weekend I will definately post how things worked out. I guess I am a littel nervous as this is the first time I have towed anything with my own vehicle. At work I have towed 10000lbs boats several hundred miles with a 1 ton truck.:cheers2:

wesleyd 07-18-2009 08:30 AM

I picked up my camper towed it about 70km with no problems at all. The weight was noticable but not an issue, only had to gear down during one really large hill on the freeway. No overheating from the engine and taking off and stopping was problem free as well. I had to pick up a reciever with a 3" rise though as my original one only had 2" and the trailer wasn't quite level while hooked up. Taking my first camping trip next weekend and I will take some pictures then and post (if I can LOL). Interested to see how much the gas mileage suffers with the extra weight and drag. I'll be driving about 200km each way to and from the site.
Thanks to all for the input it is very much appreciated and if anyone is thinking of towing something with their Compass or Patriot I say "go for it". As long as you have the trailer tow package installed and don't exceed the 200lb weight limit you will be fine.

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