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safaribabe 08-19-2008 12:40 PM

Jeep Patriot Takes Hite Cove (now with photos)
Yes, a real live OFF ROAD adventure! It's my Pat and I wish we had been in DH's Miley because I didn't realize just how much of a 4WD road this would be. But we made it down to the river at Hite Cove just outside of Mariposa California. There is a Step you have to drive over and when we got to it, we weren't sure we would make it. But there was NO space to turn around or backup so over it we had to go. Just over the Step there was a turnaround place where we could turn around as we felt that the trail was really pushing the Pat's capabilities.

We piled up some additional rock on the trail (rock was already piled there) and then I hung out with my daughter and dog, and video taped as DH rode down the Step. It doesn't look at extreme in the video as it was but it was a pretty sharp drop.

After resting a while, we decided we came that far and we continued. It got really scary at times with the mountain immediately on our left and a sheer cliff on the right. Often there was only a 2-3 feet on either side of us. But we made it down to the river.

Coming back up, we had to really go for it or we would loose too much precious momentum. We almost didn't make it back up the Step with the pedal to the floor.... but the gears kicked in and we slid up it. For the rest of the way up, we had to just floor it and not worry about branch scratches :( as we had to keep going up if we were to make it.

The Patriot did great on clearing most of the rocky areas that weren't steep and we only hit bottom maybe a couple of times. I have the skid plates on the bottom. We knocked something loose (DH could say what!) but it was just something that wasn't tightened down enough but we had the tools to tighten it when we got to the top.

Not sure I would do it again and would not recommend anyone doing that trail with a Patriot unless they have LOTS of off-roading experience. DH has done the Rubicon in his Jeep a number of times along with many other major rock crawl trails. But it was definitely an experienced drivers only trail in the Patriot.

Now, for car detailing to get rid of the branch scratches!


(let me know if i should make the pics smaller to view more easily)

Descending Hite Cove

This was some turn here. Not a whole lot of room on either side and the right side just plunged down the mountain.

Resting at the turnout below the Step.

Ascending Hite Cove

Ascending Hite Cove

Gramps 08-19-2008 08:05 PM

Nice little vid! Copied to the Off-Road Sticky.

UTAH 08-19-2008 08:07 PM

2007 Ltd. Patriot 4x4 FDII

Nice job. :cool:

I left a comment for you. I regularly view the Patriot vids over there at YT and there'll be the typical people showing up saying "It's not a real Jeep!" If they were to get out there in a Patriot - they'd see just how much the little MK Jeep can do.


openloop 08-19-2008 08:12 PM


safaribabe 08-20-2008 10:23 AM

One more... isn't she cute! THis is down at the river. Awesome river. (though not sure it was too wise to have her with us. :( )

Grt_Ape 09-27-2008 09:50 PM


Looks like a great time. Thanks for posting the pictures. :thumbsup:

We're supposed to be going to Hite Cove tomorrow morning. Never having been there before, I wasn't sure what to expect. We should have 3 rigs, a 'Yota, a 97 TJ, and my LJ.

The time now is 09:05 AM.

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