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AZmtnmedicXJ 04-01-2009 08:53 PM

Jeep Patriot Moab Rock Crawling
Some videos from Mini-Lions Back above Moab, Utah. The videos really don't do justice to just how steep it was. I had the camera on a tripod, and was doing it myself. Anyway Patriot did very well (as usual)

Gramps 04-02-2009 04:42 AM

Thanks again and copied to the stickies! I think the 3rd and 4th video give the best perspective. :eek:

JeepSquad 04-19-2009 12:32 AM

Looks fairly effortless....was it pretty scary at first?

Knightfallzx2 04-20-2009 02:52 PM

Nice! Am I hearing the tires chirp a bit too?

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