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cuemark8 03-06-2013 11:42 AM

How many miles to have total?
I have searched around the internet. I have not heard of anyone having more miles on their Compass or Patriot than I do.
I currently just turned 218,000 yesterday. The engine is as good as new. I have had some issues, nothing real major. Nothing that I would consider real big expenses.
It is a 5-speed manual. I'm on the original engine, clutch, and transmission. Still I have only ever replaced the brakes once! I have had to replace the intake manifold and the thottle body. I have been considering trading it in numerous times. With miles I get practicaly nothing on trade. It keeps running great. I just do normal maintainence. It keeps running flawlessly. I keep driving it. Still, I average about 29MPG.

So how many miles on your Jeep Compass/Patriot? Seems I'm in uncharted teritory.

FujativeOCR 03-06-2013 12:51 PM

Passed 17,000 yesterday

Matthew1785 03-06-2013 12:53 PM

2008 Rallye 4x2 with 86600 miles to date

2 small accidents (1 not my fault), 1 major accident (not my fault) 2 sets of a brakes, left driver side window actuator replaced, new set of ties rods and right and left driver side struts with right lower control arm. 2 sets of rear struts, 1 set of replaced rear upper control arms with 86600 here gotta make it last another 100,000 miles at least.

Most of all the above was all warranty work, except the 2nd set of rear struts and rear upper control arms which were replaced last week. $650.00 job /sigh

/knock on wood no engine work just normal oil changes every 4,000 miles, oh and new air filter at 53,000 miles. Probably due for new one next oil change.

Matthew1785 03-06-2013 12:56 PM

FYI if you were to trade it in based off the mileage, and the type of transmission and the year which im assuming you own a 07 you could get at least 2000.00 for it maybe more if it has more bells and whistles then you listed so far.

I wish I owned a 4x4 compass instead of my 4x2

cuemark8 03-06-2013 01:21 PM

Well yeah. It's worth something in trade. About $2500 to $3000. I religously maintain it. I the idea it's not worth alot.

My own personal experience. If a vehicle has over 100k mi, you might as well keep until it no longer goes. It can't depriciate much more than it already has. Unless it becomes a money pit and nickle and dimes you, just keep running it.

A car with a 100k mi at a dealer trade in is pretty much worth the same amount of money as car with 200k mi, which is worth pretty much the same amount of money as a car with 300k mi.

This isn't what this post is about tho. It's about that fact that I have reliable Jeep Compass with a sick amount of miles on it. And it continues to run fine for me. Yeah I also had the ball joint and tie-rod problems like all the Jeeps seemed to have. But Chrysler got that sorted out. Replacements are vastly better.

As far a wheel bearings going bad, and tie-rods and ball joints. With that many miles on roads where I live any and all vehicles with have problems like that. But there not super expensive items to repair. And not something that will leave you setting stranded somewhere. Stuff like that give you a warning it's going bad.

Matthew1785 03-06-2013 01:30 PM

I understand your post. You did state you had some issues. While I agree, no car is ever maintenance free. Wheel bearings, struts, this that and the other might not seem like a major expense to you. They are however considered a major expense to me. I will agree with you that the Compass is an overall great car, But it does have its issues which is why I pointed out the inconveniences mine had based off the mileage I currently have.

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