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greenmohawk 07-02-2013 01:42 PM

Horn not working
My wife accidentally hit the panic button on my key fob, followed by the door-lock button which turned off the siren, ever since my horn doesn't work. nothing when i press on the wheel, and nothing when i lock the doors with the key fob.

Hoping its simply a fuse or something, anyone know which fuse is for the horn? and i guess while I'm at it the rear wiper doesn't work either, anyone know what fuse runs that?

Any other ideas of things i can check before i take it to the shop to get fixed?

2008 jeep compass north FWD 2.4L manual.

SgtMac 07-02-2013 02:23 PM

It probably "confused" the computer, you might try disconnecting the horn lead and trying to hook it up directly to the battery with a jumper wire (just touch the wire to the positive side) that should make it honk, try reconnecting the hot side back to the horn, that should reset the computer, the electrical system is run by the total system computer, so it doesn't use a horn relay. I believe the horn is located on the driver's side in front of the wheel, just barely within reach.

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