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Gas mileage & Oil Consumption 2012 Jeep Patriot

A little background info:
I bought a 2012 Jeep Patriot Latitude a couple of months ago. I was told when I bought the vehicle that there is no "break in period" for the engines. Supposedly this is done at the factory.

My driving habits are a mixed bag of about 50% city and 50% highway. I'm only getting 19 mpg. I'm a little dissapointed with this since the sticker said 22 / 26 mpg.

Also, I've noticed a small amount of oil consumption. At 1800 miles it appears that I've used 1/2 quart of oil. Immediately I added the 1/2 quart that was consumed. The dipstick showed that it was at the bottom of the "safe" level (before I added oil). I checked the oil right after I bought it and it was in the middle of the "safe" level (right where it should be).

These issues may seem minor to some, but honestly I'm a bit concerned. Should I take this back to the dealer and have them look at it? I've read that a small amount of oil consumption is normal during the "break in period" ~ 2000 miles. If their is no " break in period" (as I was told) the vehicle shouldn't be doing this. I've had cars with no noticeable oil consumption; this is what I expect fom a new car.

I'm hoping that the gas mileage will improve a bit; I realize there is some variability. It's frustating that it's so poor.

I'm really happy with my Jeep otherwise.

Has anyone else had similar issues? What's your advice on how to handle this?

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id take it to the dealer its under warranty, or see another jeep dealer if you need a second opinion. sometimes you'll get a line of bs just so you wont worry about it. id go ask

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My 2011 Latitude Offroad only gets 17 city, and 23 highway....maybe. My window sticker said 20/23. If you notice in fine print on the says actual mileage may vary....15-25 city and 18-28 highway or something like that. I have 11,000 miles now and mine hasnt changed much.
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Originally Posted by FujativeOCR View Post
My 2011 Latitude Offroad only gets 17 city, and 23 highway....maybe. My window sticker said 20/23. If you notice in fine print on the says actual mileage may vary....15-25 city and 18-28 highway or something like that. I have 11,000 miles now and mine hasnt changed much.
We never resolved what your Patriot's deal was, but I remember that your RPMs were also abnormally high. Sorry to hear there's been no improvement since then...

I drive a Compass, so I can't really directly comment. All that I can say is that back a year or two ago, Jeep rated the Patriot and Compass as getting the same estimated mileage (which I thought was sort of weird, since the body shapes are fairly different). According to their website with the data for the latest models, the Compass should only be getting 1 MPG better than the Patriot for both city and highway. I'm doing 24-25 MPG on mixed highway and city driving (with a ton of hills), which goes up to 26-27 on long highway trips.

But if your sticker says 20/23, that's lower than Jeep's website estimate of 22/28 for the current Patriots. Maybe it has something to do with the package your Patriot came with? Do you know which Freedom Drive it's using? If it has the offroad version, maybe that could explain it?
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It's supposed to get 22-28... my mistake. I spoke with Mopar over the phone about these issues. The Jeep continues it's break-in period after purchse and some oil consumption is normal (< 1qt / 1000 mi). The owners manual (the huge paper one) clearly states this and specifically addresses oil consumption during the break-in period. I'm OK with this now.
The fuel economy is another story. i should be getting in the 22-28 mpg range. Apparently they can run tests at the dealership for low fuel economy if it continues to be a problem. The recommendation was to wait until after the first oil change and see if it improves. If I were getting 22-23, I wouldn't care. The rationale is to monitor this when everything is "settled in". I do like to punch the accelerator at times; I'm typically pretty easy on it. That shouldn't be the complete reason for poor fuel economy.

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Winged yeah we did to a degree. My window DOES say 20-23 because of the off road package. Thats a taller car by an inch, and as Gramps pointed out....the final drive ratios are different, even though the transmission ratios are the same. This I guess explains why I get 3000 rpm at free way speeds. The window sticker in small print says actual mileage may vary, so technically its "within the advertised range". Disappointing all the same.
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In doing research before I purchased mine, I read quite a few threads that indicated the mileage takes awhile to improve aka "break-in period". All those fresh engine components are tight and they do take awhile to loosen up despite what a salesperson may have told you. May take a little while for the piston rings to 'set' also, particularly with a lot of stop/go city driving. I'd expect both conditions to improve after a few thousand miles. If the oil consumption continues, have it checked and refilled at the dealer so they can document it. There are occasionally engines that fail to 'set' (rare, but I've seen it happen in my dealership experience) and the only way to assure proper warranty coverage is to have it continually documented by the dealer.
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Oil consumption should go down with time. In terms of Gas the only time I've continually hit the rated numbers was when I commuted 18 miles on a flat 50 mph hiway. I would usually do 55-60 but thats it. Now that I live in a 60-70 mph hiway zone I get 3-4 mpg less.
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Sorry to hear your gas mileage is so low. I can sympathize. I have a 2008 Compass with varying mpg.
However I know why mine is low from time to time. I'm pretty sure MPG estimates are done at 50-55 mph. So I do a lot of highway driving at 65-70 and this lowers my mpg to between 19-23mpg. Not much can be done on that front I suppose. Planning on picking up a 2011/12 Patriot on Monday however!
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I've had my Compass almost 6 years and here are a few comments on these issues. The assembly tolerances are a lot tighter on these newer engines than in days of old. Consider it to be closer to 'blueprinting' than to 'needs break in'. Some break in yes but nothing excessive or like it used to be. Mine has never consumed any noticeable oil. The last half of my original 3000 oil change was done in Albuquerque after a 1400 mile trip after leaving home (south of Madison) and getting up to 75mph at times. I mention Madison because we generally have about the same kind of terrain for driving conditions locally. My mileage between towns, but not in town, was about 24 mpg or so even with the A/C on. After about 80K I get 25 mpg +/- 1/2 during Spring/Summer/Fall and noticeably less in Winter.

Now I'll cut to the chase and make a recommendation that I tell everybody to try if you are having a mileage problem. Disconnect the battery for about a half hour or so to reset the computer. These things 'learn' your driving habits and set themselves to how it was driven in the past. Did yours have zero miles (or hardly any) on it when you bought it? Other ppl test driving it could cause and issue. Did you need to figure out how best to drive it? Most ppl do with the CVT and the computer can take a set during this time too.

This normally will work with just one disconnect but may take more. After doing my initial spark plugs and tune up @ 30K or whatever I took another trip down to TN and my mileage dropped to 17. I disconnected the battery several time while there and even after I got back home. I want to say it took about 6 disconnects to get it back to normal. Others have had similar issues and the battery trick has worked for all of them (i think).


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Information on how mileage on window stickers is calculated is available at
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You may not have a oil comsumption issue,to properly check the oil level you must be on a level surface and wait at least 30mins after shutting the engine off before getting a accurate reading the dipstick.

As for the mpg's don't expect anywhere close to advertized ratings till you hit at least 10,000 miles and your driving habits and gas quality comes into play after that.

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My 4x4 Compass is rated at 21/26 w/CVT. I'm up to 2k miles and can hit 26 on highway ok (although mileage drops quickly >65) but best I can eke out in town is 19 . Thanks for the reminder on oil consumption during break-in, I'll be checking that today!
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2012 jeep patriot getting 14.1 mpg

I just bought a 2012 Jeep Patriot where I expected a minimum of 19 mpg city and having filled it 5 times am getting an average of 14.1 . The dealership and Chrystler both say too bad, that is the government rating not ours. So now I not only have a payment, but I get no better mileage than the jeep Grand Cherokee that was paid for and traded in.

Anyone at all have any suggestions?

The vehicle has 450 miles on it and every half tank I only get 80 miles. This sucks.
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Yeah my 2011 only gets about 180 per tank of city driving. My fiance has been driving it the last month and she's averaged 16.4. Window sticker says 20. I hypermile it and get about 18 city keeping it under 2,000 rpm. For highway driving my mileage is screwed if the speed limit is over 60. Mine has 11,000 miles on it now and no noticeable improvement over new.
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