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witvulco 06-18-2013 07:10 PM

Flashing Check Engine Light when in ON possition.
Hey Everyone.
I have a 2007 Patriot. Have had heaps of trouble with it lately. Most recently was the Totally Integrated Power Module. I had it down at the dealer and they had to flash the TIPM.

This seemed to have fixed all of the problems with it other than one weird thing, When I have the the ignition at the on position. The check engine light comes on (I know this is normal). If you wait a couple seconds it begins to flash. This eventually goes away and remains solid.

I only ask because its never done this before. If you turn the engine, the light turns off. Is this something that came later for the patriots, or is there actually something wrong?

Thanks for the help in advanced.

Added 19 June 2013.
Having some additional issues now. Last night the Check Engine light came on. The error was a miscomunication with the Transmission Control Module, had it cleared and it stayed off.
This morning when I started my vehicle, my ESP, Traction Control and ABS lights came on. I drove for a bit pulled over and restarted the vehicle. The lights didn't come back on. When I went for lunch today the Check Engine light came back on. Any Sugestions?

The time now is 05:57 PM.

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