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unclejjg 09-13-2006 07:08 AM

First post: Patriot is better than the Compass!
Come on guys....what is the benefit of the Compass? If two vehicles are built on the same platform, and share 90% of the same components, but one has a low range and off-road package....which one is better? Obviously the latter.......what can Compass claim that the Patriot can't besides more feminine styling?

On a side note, I sent an email/suggestion to DCX about showing us a little more on this upcoming vehicles "best in class capability". Cripes! We got a cheesy video of the Compass on the beach....LR2 offers a great display of its off-road capability in the Terrain Response section.....lets see this 19:1 ratio in action.

Kev M 09-13-2006 08:58 AM

Actually, I have to admit they are a little redundant on the surface.

But they haven't released (at least when I checked last) all of the final specifications.

I suspect gas mileage might suffer a TINY bit on the FDII models.

Frankly, I could buy either the Compass or the Patriot since I'm looking for a 5-speed and FDI.

I've been leaning towards the Compass just based on the visual differences from the Patriot (which I feel might be too similar styling wise to the XJ I'd be replacing).

I dig the Compass. Guess I'm in touch with my "feminine" side.

xanadu 09-13-2006 09:44 AM

The Compass and Patriot were the two finalists for the 'entry-level Jeep' position. They pitched both to focus groups. One half of respondents (overwhelmingly female) preferred the Compass; the other half (overwhelmingly male) preferred the Patriot.

To DCX's credit, they built both.

The time now is 05:12 AM.

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