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I have a 2007 Compass - Inferno Red - I bought new back in Sept. '07.
I really love the vehicle. Haven't had a bit of trouble with it. Pretty comfortable vehicle. Gas mileage is great. Very happy with it.

However, I'm probably going to dump it. I'm embarrased to drive it anywhere now.


I was doing some reading/research (I'm an I.T. Admin. guy for a branch of the Govt.) on the internet and came across this article/website.


Check it out.

The Jeep Compass was voted the #1 worst vehicle of 2007. WTF........

I think I'll print the page and take it to the dealer and try to make a deal on something else.

If not, there is always GM/Ford/Toyota...................

Anyway, what do you all think. Thanks.....................TheTech

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you love it but just because some website doesnt youll dump it?

the patriot is the same as the compass but its not on the list.

Im sure you can find a website that will diss just about any vehicle.

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I own a Compass - first one sold in my hometown and cannot think of getting anything else (this will be the first new car I've purchased that I will eventually keep long enough to pay off!). A website's opinion means didily-sqwat to me (just like listening to movie critics!). The only thing I think the Compass should not have is the 4X4 badging on the hatch, other than that, it does everything I need my car to do. Keep your Compass!!
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I was seriously considering a Compass for the wife, but we ended up with a Subaru (only for the deal we got). As an IT guy, you should know... give me about an hour and I can publish a website trashing or praising whatever you want!!! Seriosuly though, the site didn't really back up ANYTHING it just seems like the personal opinions of a bunch of disgruntled people. If YOU like the car and it seems to perform, keep it.

Oh, if I can show you a website that clearly states that you should simply give the Compass to me, would that help?!?

Good luck with your decision.


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Beware of any forum, website, or article that begins with "the truth about .......".


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Originally Posted by thetech View Post
I really love the vehicle. Haven't had a bit of trouble with it. Pretty comfortable vehicle. Gas mileage is great. Very happy with it.
Hmmm... seems odd that you would dislike a vehicle based upon an opinion that's contrary to your own experience.

I've owned the vehicle consistently at the bottom of many consumer lists for almost 30 years. Know which one that is? The Jeep Wrangler/CJ series. But, I like 'em for what they are. I know what I'm getting into.

And, just to look at the issue rationally - notice how ALL the vehicles on the list are from GM and Chrysler? Yep - no other makes made the list. Nada. Seems to me like there's some potential bias there regardless of the claims it's all based upon survey responses.


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Who cares what some other person thinks about the vehicle you drive. If you are happy with it then that is all that matters. The complaints were personal dislikes in the vehicle and not with something mechanically wrong with it.

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I'd never take someone else's opinion over my own. I think that it was pretty obvious that they felt that it didn't look like a classic Jeep so therefor it didn't live up to their expectations. If I listened to the media and everybody else I wouldn't be voting the way that I am in the elections - polls or no polls.


Artificial intelligence is no substitute for natural stupidity

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I also find it odd that Chrysler/Jeep is not producing the Compass for 2009.

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Then I will have something unique, just like I wanted in the first place.


Artificial intelligence is no substitute for natural stupidity

MK Skid Plate fasteners for sale posts 68 & 69

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Mike, the Compass is on the 2009 menu of Jeeps...I have read a couple unfriendly comments about the CVT transmission (perhaps deserved, I have an manual) and the "cheap" interior (well, it is not a very expensive vehicle, so...and besides, Jeep was founded on rugged and function, not pretty).

Here is what I will say about my 2008 Compass...Good gas mileage (the worst tank I have had was 22 mpg, the best 33 mpg)...and for a 4 banger, it has pretty good pep, atleast with the 5 spd manual. Roomie...three of us, and two mid sized dogs just drove from Iowa to Colorado and while the back seat won't rated as excellent, I am about 6 foot and was fine for 1-2 hour stretched in the back. Handles great on mountain roads. Mine has the 9 speaker stereo system, which means my music sounds better in my car than my house.

Are there some drawbacks...yes. Crappy tires that only last about 20,000 miles, blind spots that take alittle getting use to and for some (mostly with the CVT autotransmission), some acceleration issues. However, I don't regret buying this vehicle. And being named the worst automobile by some unknown idiot with a web page, who might have gotten fired by jeep or have some other agenda, well...if the CEO of Jeep / Chrysler named it the Best vehicle, i wouldn't put much stock in that either.
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I agree with everything you say. I too have the 9 speaker system - it sounds awsome. The kids are grown and out of the house and I live alone, so I hardly have any passengers. I drive only in the city and I average 27 mpg. everytime.

I really do like the vehicle. I can't complain about anything.

Actually, I've only seen 1 other Compass on the road around where I live. That's pretty strange.

I'm wondering if we are driving the next Yugo............

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Mike, you've been a member for 11 months, why are you just now joining in the conversation? Why do I feel that you're a troll?

According to this report it's a middle of the road small compact. http://consumerguideauto.howstuffwor...-compass-5.htm


Artificial intelligence is no substitute for natural stupidity

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Jeep Compass/Patriot advantages vs. a Honda CR-V...

That website (TTAC for short) is well known for using outlandish commentary and statements to draw attention to itself. They'll bash anything subjectively to get a strong consumer response.

I too was swayed by the negativity often dumped on the Jeep Compass by the press because it isn't a specific trendy model/brand. In just a few minutes of research, I was going to buy a Honda CR-V before I looked a bit further into it. Look what I found...

Jeep's Compass holds key advantages over Honda's CR-V

When comparing Jeep's Compass to the Honda CR-V, we came upon some key features in both that is helping us make our decision. While I'm not a Jeep Compass owner, I was hoping this info might help some others on the fence or considering their options.

Here's a summary of key items not so obvious during a first impression, test drive, or prominently listed in a brochure. (Honda in fact omits this info from their brochures!)

1. Jeep offers a choice of 4 cyl engines: standard 2.4L 172hp/165ftlbs or optional 2.0L 158hp/141ft.lbs. Jeep buyers can also choose between a 5-spd manual or a CVT automatic. Honda buyers must get the 2.4L 166hp/161ft.lbs. w/ a 5 spd automatic transmission. No tranny or engine choices are available in a CR-V. Advantage Jeep.

2. Jeep's Unlimited Powertrain warranty is clearly a bonus. Honda's limited powertrain coverage ends at 5/yr 60,000miles. Both vehicles feature 3yr/36k bumper to bumper warranty's. Honda's do not typically include Roadside Assistance - it is a separate and additional charge for this "Honda Care" coverage. If you belong to AAA, this may not matter to you.

3. http://www.fueleconomy.govCompass 2WD 2.4L 5M rated at 23/28mpg, 2.0L 2WD Auto at 23/27, and 2.4L Auto 21/25mpg. Honda FWD CR-V 2.4L 5A at 20/27mpg So, 2 out of 3 Jeep Compass 2WD powertrains surpass the 2WD Honda on Hwy and 3 out of 3 in the City. 4WD is 20/26mpg on the Honda and Compass offers choices of 2.4L 5M 22/27mpg, and 2.4L Auto 21/24mpg. So in the City, all the Jeeps are the champ by up to 3 mpg, while on the highway the 4WD results are split: 5 speed manual Compass is the overall mileage champ, while the Honda's 5spd auto beats the Compass CVT by 2mpg per EPA.

4. There is ~$5,000 base price difference between the 2 vehicles. This can swell when working a deal. The CR-V we were interested in was well over $32,500. While the Compass offered the same features at ~$27,000. All this before dealing, incentives, and the like.

5. Rear seats do NOT fold flat on a CR-V! WTH? We tried flipping them forward vertically, but they take up a lot of fore/aft space and also affect front passenger seats ability to slide/recline this way. Both seat backs recline as well. Advantage Compass.

6. A CR-V can only tow a max of 1,500lbs vs. 2,000lbs max on the lil Jeeps. That's a healthy 33% advantage to the Jeeper.

7. The rear hatch window does NOT open on the fully loaded $31,500 Honda CR-V either! In other words, neither vehicle offers this feature regardless of pricing. Try a $33k Ford Escape!

8. Frontal crash testing http://www.safercar.gov http://www.iihs.org cannot be compared on these 2 vehicles because the vehicles tested varied in weight by >300lbs. with the Jeep being the heavier of the two. In overall testing on the CR-V is given hi marks, but read the fine print...pelvic fracture(s) are a likely outcome from a 31mph side impact! Ouch. Up to 65 pelvis g's vs. 42 for the Compass. So much for the heavily touted ACE body structure on the Honda. Side impact testing CAN be compared across weight classes. The Jeep held the advantage in side impact testing. The lighter Honda had better numbers in the frontal, but they can't be compared. Frustrating. Heavier and larger vehicles do better in real world crashes however, which would favor the Jeep. We'll call this a split decision.

9. Even a basic Compass offers nearly an extra inch of ground clearance at 8.1" vs. 7.3" for CR-V. For those of us in snow country or bound for the dunes at the beach, this can be an important number. You can buy skid plates for your Compass/Patriot from Jeep. Honda sells no such thing as a skid plate for any of their vehicles.

10. The CR-V's are assembled in El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico or Sayama, Japan (both w/ only 10% US/Canadian parts content). The Compass/Patriots are assembled in Belvidere, Illinois, USA with 67% US/Canadian content. Let buyers think of that what they will of course, but interesting to note. We had thought the CR-V's being made in Ohio would be available to the buying public, but apparently they are all bound for Canada.

11. Sirius Satellite trial period is only 90 days on a Honda vs. 360 days on all Jeeps! Nice touch Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep.

12. Rear seat DVD entertainment is unavailable in a new CR-V! Gasp. This alone would sway my Niece and Nephew. Compass has a factory one available in the Mopar accessories catalog.

13. Payload capacity (people & gear) in a Compass is 925lbs. vs. 945lbs max for the Honda. Actual amount dependant on options chosen. A wash really. Look inside your drivers door for specific amounts on your vehicle.

14. Factory Accessory Roof rack capacity on a CR-V is only 75lbs. vs. 150lbs on the Compass OEM roof rack! 100% is quite a difference. Advantage Compass.

16. CR-V curb to curb turning radius is 37.8ft vs. only 35.5ft in a Compass Sport w/ 16 or 17" wheels. A Compass limited and special edition Rallye w/ 18" wheels can still turn in 37.2ft Agility goes to Jeeps.

17. Rollover (a calculation only) likelihood in an accident is 17/15% 2WD/AWD for the CR-V and 18/16% 2WD/AWD for the Compass/Patriot. 1% difference is not significant however. These are both above average for the class and clearly show being based on a Civic/Caliber car has its advantages.

18. The CR-V's seats did have active head restraints. A nice feature. Advantage Honda. Jeep needs to improve the head restraints on the MK's, although they scored better than many tested at the IIHS.org.

19. Not only are the engine's in the MK Jeep's more fuel efficient, but they are cleaner burning and top the compact SUV class! http://www.greenercars.org/highlights_byclass_csuv.htm How is this possible!? LOL.

20. It's a genuine, original, One and Only Jeep!

21. Edmunds http://www.edmunds.com/reviews/consu...008/index.html has rated the 2008 Jeep Patriot a "Consumers Top Rated" compact SUV! A Compass is identical to a Patriot except for the exterior styling/sheetmetal.

So, why doesn't the Compass enjoy the darling of the media advantages like a Honda? Hard to say, but as a computer IT person you could certainly use some analogy like say Netscape vs. Internet Explorer vs. Firefox! IE is the most popular and must be the best right?

Enjoy the heck outta your Jeep Compass.

Lookin' to buy a Jeep this Summer! ;)

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Man who cares what anyone else thinks about a specific model as long as you love it thats what counts.
Yes Jeeps are work some times. The Dealership service in Aus is crap. I'm no mechanic but I'm sure I know more than the guys at the stealership. But that's life.

You either love the Jeep brand on sight with all its problems or you don't . There's no in between I think.

That's why our motto is:

Jeep Green Crd Limited, RRO Lifted, TX3400 & Coopers.
It's a Patriot thing, you wouldn't understand.
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