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aberg12012 02-23-2012 10:47 AM

Crankshaft Position Sensor
Is this a common replacement for a 2007 2.4 motor with only 40K? And to go into great detail for anyone else that might run across this problem...

2007 Jeep Compass with just over 40,000 miles. My wife said it threw a CEL and the "low traction" light at the same time when she parked at work the other day. (Assuming the low traction light indicates a "limp home" mode?) She got it home after work, and while I was looking it over it suddenly died on me while idling, as if I had turned off the key. Started it back up and took it to Autozone for their OBD tool which spit out a P0339 (crankshaft position sensor) and a misfire code. I'm assuming the misfire would have been caused from the crankshaft sensor issue. I pulled the battery cable to reset the ECU after I got home, expecting it would throw the code again if there was really a problem.

Wife and I both drove it the next day with no problem. Then this morning the expected happened. It died on her in the parking lot at work, and threw the CEL and low traction light just like a few days prior. I went to drop her my car and get the Jeep home. It died on me several times while just letting it idle in the parking lot but once driving never died. Got it home with no problems, although it was obviously in a "limping home" sort of engine management/control state as it lacked power and acted a bit flaky.

Knowing it's an $8 part I first I called a smaller local garage (not a dealer) which has a very good reputation. They said for the all wheel drive model, their book states 4 to 5 hours labor, and sounded like it basically requires "extreme digging" to get to. (Multiply that by about $90 per hour... for an $8 sensor. :rolleyes:) He said the front wheel drive model quotes only about 1 hour, and is much easier to change... go figure.

So then I called the closest (and largest) Jeep dealer. As expected I was put on hold, told they would call me back, didn't get a call back, and had to call them back... etc etc. Everything I'd expect from your typical large dealership. However they firmly quoted me only 1-2 hours labor (confirmed for the all wheel drive) and $24 for the sensor. So I booked an appointment for next week. We'll see how this turns out I guess...

This is after replacing the ball joints and tie rods a few weeks ago on this thing. Trade-in is starting to sound tempting. :shhh:

Gramps 02-23-2012 08:40 PM

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No, I haven't seen this before so I would not consider it common at all. There is no difference between the FWD and the AWD 2.4 engines. It looks like it's tucked in by the Maniverter (combo manifold and cat converter) but it does appear to be external at the rear (drivers side) of the block. The P0338 code does call this to be intermittent.

Possible Causes

Glfprncs 10-17-2012 02:41 PM

I literally just had this issue. I have an 07 2.4L Patriot, 2X4 with 90,000 miles. I've been driving since July with a stored code (P2004) which basically is a manifold replacement and computer reset. The mechanic I took it to in late July told me that, in his opinion, I really didn't need to do the repair.

Anyhow...last week I was making a right hand turn when the check engine light began flashing, my stability control light came on and the engine began to misfire. I managed to get it home, it sat overnight, and it ran fine the next day. Regardless, I took it to the shop who said that they had to do the manifold repair as that could be the issue (and that was the only code stored in the computer). $1000 and 20 miles later, my car did the exact same thing making a right hand turn.

Took it back and asked that I have a 'mechanic' work on my car instead of merely a 'technician.' The service manager took my car into troubleshooting mode, hooked his diagnostic 'stuff' to the car and drove it throughout the day, finally being able to recreate the right hand turn, engine misfire, flashing check engine light and stability control light. It never threw a code except for the two cylinder misfires, but they determined that it was the crankshaft position sensor. Put a new one in (parts and labor cost me $125), he drove the car home last night after work and back into the shop this morning to double check that he couldn't recreate the problem...I have no idea how many hours of labor were involved as I have to pick up the car in about 30 minutes.

FujativeOCR 10-17-2012 03:31 PM

Do you get the $1000 back?

Glfprncs 10-17-2012 06:28 PM

Ha...what do you think?

nbmechanic 04-26-2015 11:09 AM

Having the same problem with a 2008 jeep compass p0339 code is up and traction control light on I changed the crank sensor thought that would work still doing the same thing checked for a ground and 5 volt reference at sensor harness its good also checked for continuity between the signal at harness at power train control module its also good. Can someone please help me find this problem, even tried another power train control module and got it flashed at dealer. Please Help

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