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Gramps 07-11-2007 08:59 PM

Build Status Codes
These are for the Belvidere, IL plant where the MK's are built. I'm not sure if these are same across the board for all of Chrysler.

BA new order that hasn't been checked
BX good order available for scheduling
BG on hold (parts issue)
D Firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
D1 Gateline schedule - scheduled to be built
E Frame
F Paint
G Trim
I Built not ok'd
J Built ok'd
JB Shipped to body vendor
JE Emission check
JS Shipped to storage
KZ Released by plant , invoiced
KZL Released - not shipped
KZM First rail departure
KZN First rail arrival
KZO Delayed/recieved
KZOA Plant holds
KZOB Zone/distribution holds
KZOC Carrier delays
KZOD Carrier holds
KZOE Mis-shipped vehicle
KZOF Show/test vehicle
KZOG Damaged vehicle
KZOH All other reasons
KZT Second rail departure
KZU Second rail arrival

NOTE: There are several levels of D Status, ie D2 means you have a build date!

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