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Jhop16 12-12-2012 10:29 AM

Blacking out Wheels on the Rallye
I've been getting alot of compliments and head turns with the new style of my wifes Rallye, I just wanted to share with u guys what i did..

I loved the way the rallye looked, but for some reason i thought the silver ring on the wheels just didnt flow.

So i got an idea, I didnt want to have to repaint the entire wheel, because the wheels were in very nice condition, so i went to the auto store and got a small can of gloss black paint, acouple brushes and some alcohol.

First thing i did was took the green hash stripes off the car.

Before shots:

i cleaned the ring + center cap with alcohol really well, its already grooved so didnt rquire any sanding, and carfully used paint brush to paint the ring, then spray painted thecenter caps..

After shots

this project literally cost 15 dollars and hardly used any paint, so i got lots left over, and useing the brushon paint was able to put a good thick coat on so it wont chip as easily as spray paint :thumbsup:

next project is mesh grill, i made my own mesh grills on my dakota which turned out really good so ima do the same on her jeep, i'll make a write up on that aswell , Enjoy :wave:

The time now is 08:50 AM.

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