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mighty_machines 02-06-2013 06:30 PM

Anti Theft light
So here goes. New first time jeep owner, hello everyone!

I have a 2007 jeep patriot and all is well until recently. I'm not sure if what is happening is connected but one morning i woke up and the battery was almost dead, the engine would not turn over. I noticed for the first time that the little blue anti theft light in the windshield was not doing its usual slow blinking, just solid blue. After a boost i took a drive and everything is ok again, but that blue anti theft light just stays solid when i turn off the jeep! The red light on the dash i see flashes for several seconds once the jeep is turned off and then goes out. I'm going to see if the same thing happens again when i leave it overnight, but that blue anti theft light is not blinking and its driving me nuts. Any clues about the meaning of the anti theft light being on all the time? i know a slow blink is armed, a fast blink is arming, but can't find any other information.

Thanks for any replies.

davidterrien 02-26-2013 12:57 PM

I have a 2008 Patriot. Spring 2011 roughly, with just over 50K miles, could not get the Jeep to start. After having it towed (on a Sunday) to the local dealership, discovered that an electrical short in the Anti-Theft system caused the entire ignition system to "lock out" any attempt to start the vehicle. Had to have the entire unit replaced (very expensive, not under warranty naturally). Get this: with no reassurance that it wouldn't happen again ! Luckily I was just at the liquor store and not up in the mountains somewhere. Tech said that short was due to climatic conditions (dry, cold). Guess what - that defines our weather here in Colorado. So far, with another 25K on it, the Jeep has started. But this is a big negative for this. Would seem that the engineers could have designed something better...more reliable...and that I would have received some reassurance from Jeep that the new unit had this problem solved. Not so. BUMMER Jeep.

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