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ArmyBum 09-04-2013 08:09 PM

2008 MK Compass question(s)
So, brand new to the forums here :2thumbsup:, but I've been browsing around trying to find what I'm asking about for a week or so now.. Here goes.

I've got a 2008 MK Compass Sport, FWD 5-speed with the 2.4L I4. Recently - and unfortunately after my last trip to get the oil changed/"complimentary" inspection - I've been noticing while sitting at stoplights or stopsigns, I sometimes get a sudden drop in RPM's. Usually sits right around 7-800, and dips to around 450-500 before it idles back up again. From what research I've done so far, I'm led to believe that I likely need to clean the IAC valve and/or the throttle body(hopefully not replace either). So the biggest question I have, since so far I haven't been able to search out any info - where the heck is the throttle-body/IAC on the 2.4L? I saw a really handy write-up on how to clean/what to use somewhere else on these forums - although for a Gran' Cherokee 4.7L. I suspect it's not all that different, as far as process goes. Just looking to find the thing.

Secondly, I recently changed out brake pads on the front/shoes on the back. Lucky me, they lasted almost 55k miles. However, now, even after probably 1200 miles on the new stuff - I get a squeak at a certain part of revolution of the wheels. Fairly certain it's coming from the driver side, but can't really tell if front or back - and it only happens at low speeds. Typical shortly before coming to a stop, or if creeping while waiting for traffic to take off after light turns green. I'm really, really hoping that I don't need to swap out the rotor(s) in the front or Drum on the back. Thoughts?

And lastly(for now), I've read on here about some "procedure" involving turning the ignition to the "on" position but not starting it.. pressing down the gas pedal to the floor, letting it up slow, chicken dance, click heels - viola, this resets some fancy computer learning deal for how you drive. Is this only for the CVT, or is this something that is the same for all transmission/motor combinations?

Thanks in advance for any input!


edit: Noted it's a Sport, vice Limited.

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