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consultJK 02-05-2009 08:04 AM

Uconnect, Iphone G3, Worked now dosen't, No Dealer Help!
Last November my G3 Iphone worked with no problems for 1 month. Now the phone does not stay paired and cycles on and off. I can pair the phone with my Charger SRT and 3 other cars on the dealers lot.

The dealer has replaced the bluetooth module behind the glove box and still nothing but the same on off bluetooth issues. Being that it works on my other car and works with other cars on the lot what options do I have? Have the Dealer Replace the radio to see if that is the issue?

Any advise would be great since I do use this option often when it works.

no1martian 02-05-2009 09:02 PM

The HFM module is integrated in a NAV radio so if that is what you have you can start with that. If you do not have a NAV radio it may be that the bluetooth set up from Mopar is not compatible with your phone.

Prot 02-06-2009 05:36 AM

Bluetooth / uconnect is disabled on wranglers. You need lockpick or other method to get around it.

TNJeepMan 02-06-2009 06:34 AM

Well, that's not entirely true, we have put the UConnect on several Wranglers with no problem. Lockpik will enable UConnect on a Wrangler, but you don't have to use it. If they have replaced the module and that doesn't fix it, then I would look at the reciever. Make sure your receiver has the latest upgrades and if that doesn't work try switching the receiver, if that works you know you have a bad receiver.

aztec_doc 02-06-2009 10:25 AM

I know im comming into this conversation late but to my understanding I thought Uconnect did not work in wranglers. How were you able to activate the Uconnect. Am I able to take it to the dealership to activate it or buy a part?

99TJSport 02-06-2009 12:57 PM

OK, to clear this up you CAN enable UConnect on JKs:

MyGig w/NAV - Upgrade to firmware 9.807 (http://mofv/mygig), then go in the maintence menu and select "Enable JK HF+VR". Add a mic kit from the dealer and you're all set.

All other radios - You need the UConnect Mopar kit (8221004AB) which as a list price of about $250. Install the kit, have your dealer activate it with Star Scan, and you're all set. There is a good thread here covering it with a great writeup. I have it working flawlessly with my 6 disc radio, and it worked with my single disc as well. You can also add the iPod cable (82210263AB) to this as well and have integrated iPod controls on your radio.

OK, with that out of the way, to the OP, I'm not sure. They've replaced the under dash module, which is where all the bluetooth connection stuff is. Have you tried a battery disconnect for 5 minutes to see if it resets everything and changes the behavior?

aztec_doc 02-06-2009 05:49 PM

Anyone know where I can get a good mic for my JK?

99TJSport 02-06-2009 06:34 PM

If you have have a MyGig you can use part number 82211743 from the dealer, price is about $40. It includes the mic and the adapter plug you need to plug it into the back of your MyGig.

aztec_doc 02-06-2009 06:40 PM

I just upgraded my my gig. I still tells me I have no U connect is that because I have not connected a mic, or do I still need to do something else.

99TJSport 02-06-2009 06:54 PM

Make sure you connect the mic, and do the software upgrade/setup I mentioned above, you'll be all set.

aztec_doc 02-06-2009 07:36 PM

Ill drop by the dealer tomorrow and pick up the parts. If it works Thank you guys. Anyway I can help with your problems let me know.

aztec_doc 02-07-2009 03:23 PM

The RER MyGig unit has a LOT of cool features!
However, for those of us that did NOT buy the unit as a factory option, we found out that there were SEVERAL OBSTACLES, that prevented us from using the UConnect and Voice Command features of the unit! There is two possible scenarios, and each one has it's own issues;

1) You bought your vehicle with the Factory Uconnect option,
complete with the factory type of Uconnect mirror (has microphone
in it) but got a different radio unit (RES, REQ, or REN). Everything
worked fine, until you decided to upgrade, and bought the RER
unit from the dealer (or another seller). Problem is, the vehicle
already has a separate Uconnect module installed (hidden in the
dash), and the RER unit has a Uconnect module, built-in as well!
So, in this scenario, for the Uconnect & Voice Commands to work
properly, one of the UConnect modules has to be DISABLED! To
do such, Chrysler needed to fabricate a custom harness.

2) Or, you bought your vehicle with a different radio (RES, REQ,
or REN), and did NOT get the factory optional UConnect. You
then decided to upgrade, and purchased an RER unit! In this
scenario, to use the UConnect and Voice Command Features, you
would normally need to purchase the factory type of UConnect
Mirror (which has the microphone in it), and a custom made harness. This route can cost you HUNDREDS OF $$$$.

In EITHER CASE, this low cost item will solve your problems, and allow you to use the UConnect and Voice Command Features, and save money!

(Even if you prefer to wait and buy the factory type of UConnect Mirror & harness later, why not buy this item in the interim, to use the features NOW!)

Complete Kit - Simple Install!
OEM part # 82211743

Includes radio connecting cable, microphone, wire ties, and complete installation diagrams!

Plug & Play, no splicing required!

Complete install diagrams for all the applicable vehicles are included, and should only take about 20 minutes...

Then, to use the Uconnect & Voice Command Features, you would just see your RER User Manual, as normal. (however, instead of using the Uconnect Mirror's Microphone, you are using this one)

Sorry, this microphone kit will ONLY WORK on the Navigation MyGig Units! (RER, REW, and REP) It will NOT work on the REN MyGig, or any of the the other radio units (RES or REQ). To add the Connect/Voice Commands to these other radios, see my other auctions for the separate UConnect kits, available from Chrysler.

For BEST results, the RER/REW unit should be updated with version 9.713 or newer (version 9.303 for the REP). You can find the software updates (and Gracenote update as well!)

ATTENTION 2007 2008+ Jeep Wrangler Owners!:
With the above software update installed in your RER, you can buy this
microphone kit and use the Uconnect and Voice Command Features as well!!!

To re-activate the UConnect Module in Jeep Wranglers;

1) With RER unit on, press and hold the MENU, SEEK up, and SEEK down buttons, then let them go. This will take you to the ENGINEERING MENU.

2) From there, press the soft arrow on the screen, until you get to the 4th menu page.

3) Press the menu item labeled "Enable JK HFC/VR module" (or similar). Be sure to confirm if needed.

4) Then, exit by pressing the MENU button. Turn the RER unit off for a minute. On next turn on, the UConnect & Voice Command features should work properly...

Be sure to see my other RER related auctions;

RER Users Manual - So many Cool Features to learn!
RER Mic Kit - For Uconnect & Voice Commands!

RER Firmware Update Disc - to Version 9.713

RER/REN Gracenote Update Disc - to version 881

RER GPS Antenna - New, custom made!

RER Sirius Antenna - New, custom made!

RER Complete Kit - I stock BOTH High & Low speeds!

consultJK 02-09-2009 06:54 AM

Now I think I'm even more confused with all this talk of the type of radios ie RER/mygig ect.

1. OK as mentioned FIRST this is not a navigation unit. It is a single disc with am/am/sat. NO NAV/mygig.
2. The radio also has uconnect buttons and functions.
3. It did work until December.
4. I have been told by Uconnect support says the problem is with the apple update in December 2.2 for the iphone.
5. No fix is known.

I can get my phone to work on 10 other vehicles both MY GIg units and non nav radios.

Not sure I buy this update problem as the problem. Bluetooth specs have not changed.

Anyone have ideas or help?

Cavi 06-16-2009 12:28 PM

I have the exact same problem, I just installed the uconnect unit this week and apple had no answer and mopar states that it is probably a software issue with the iphone, at the same time I am ticked as the uconnect list of compatabile phones does show the iphone. Anyway tomorrow is the new 3.0 software for the iphone so i am hopeing.

The time now is 06:40 AM.

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