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Anonymous6915 11-08-2011 04:28 PM

RHB mygig into 09
has anyone tried to install a 2011+ mygig (RHB) into an older JK? im looking to get rid of my res and upgrade into the mygig and have been reading about the RHB system. looks really nice and can be found for about $700 out of a Dodge Ram 1500(its a high bus speed).

Has anyone tried this?

Spank 11-08-2011 04:48 PM

It will work, but I believe the new RHR and RHB units grab the GPS signal and Sirius from a new combined antenna, as opposed to separate plug-in modules the RER used. Search around and you should find an adapter kit available that allows you to make it work for pre-2011 models.

nwbronco 11-08-2011 07:06 PM

Pretty much plug and play. Installed an '11 RER in my '07. Needed the GPS antenna and the U-connect mic. Nothing else required. Very nice.

Bob K.

Anonymous6915 11-08-2011 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by nwbronco (Post 12469189)
Pretty much plug and play. Installed an '11 RER in my '07. Needed the GPS antenna and the U-connect mic. Nothing else required. Very nice.

Bob K.

this^ was the way i was originally going to go about it until i found out the new RHB and RHR units have linked to sirius and can give up to the min traffic and weather conditions.(im a snowboarder and would love moutain stats as i drive up:2thumbsup:)

looks like ill be buying an RHB system. i found one that came from a liberty(also high speed can bus so it should work right?)

Anonymous6915 11-08-2011 07:48 PM

also, i found a 2 RHB systems and it seems like one says it has the sat integrated and one doest ~$400 difference in price. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? does the non-sat integrated system just need to be activated or is it a whole other piece(thats worth$400) missing?

nwbronco 11-09-2011 08:21 AM

There are 2 RHB systems. And no the Sat-less one does not have it. So nothing to activate. The HS Liberty unit will be fine.

Bob K.

Anonymous6915 11-11-2011 09:46 AM

ok guys, thanks for all the replies but i acctually ended up going a different route. I found a guy who was selling an rer system out of 2010 for a very good price(less then ebay) so i jumped on it. Btw, anyone looking for a mygig, pm me as this guy works at a salvage yard and can pull the systems as they come in. ;)

the install was super easy, i did it in my school parking lot while wating for my class to start. only needed a screwdriver and a 7mm socket.

It was plug and play and everything works except sirius and uconnect(i think because i dont have a sirius sat antenna and the mic is not present)

I just now need to find out what sat antenna i need(im not buying the $80+ one on quadratec) iv heard that a trek sirmini antenna will work(only costs $20). so i will be giving that a try unless somone else here knows something i dont.

The mic i will buy from ebay which looks to be around $40 and then i just need the lockpick which is like $187.

Am i correct in my thinking? Thanks for all the help guys.

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