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LTGreek 06-21-2013 04:43 PM

I was on the beach driving, I lost power, so i reved the engine. Then, all of a sudden, my clutch started burning and I was strained on the beach. I didn't ride the clutch, or slip it. my wheels lost power and then it started to slip. Maybe I am wording this wrong, but in the end I lost power to wheels and my clutch started burning.

The dealership I am at will not cover it.

It's a 2013 JKU

Has this happen to anybody else.


222Doc 06-21-2013 04:49 PM

I am thinking you left it in high range. should have been in low. If say add to this bigger tires not enough gear, to much cow bell.

LTGreek 06-21-2013 04:55 PM

It's stock with 3.73

LTGreek 06-21-2013 04:57 PM

I hit soft sand and lost power, so I thought. In reality, the clutch the slipping/failing. Either way, a clutch should not fail because of added strain to the drivetrain from soft sand...

Spank 06-21-2013 10:00 PM


Originally Posted by LTGreek (Post 15591187)
The dealership I am at will not cover it.

More details on this and your Jeep, please. Did the dealership look at it or did you just tell them what happened?

222Doc 06-21-2013 10:23 PM

think about it. Its bogging down you do not down shift, go to LOW range? really just floor it? so the pentaticker tries to lay down its 285 horse power and the clutch don't hold? No you should have been in Low range in 5th if you needed to go fast. when it bogged you could have went to all those gears in low to first. heck its only a 2:73 ish low right? not like its a rubi with 4:1 low and can be to slow in some sands.

It BOGGED down in what I am saying in 1st 4x4 HIGH range. Driver should have went to low range BEFORE he went wot against the friction of sand and 4x4. This is like basic off road stuff.

No offense just the way I see it. It was BOGGING down in first high. then go to 5th low and work your way down to first again and if that don't work you are really ******. better regear the heep.

JLC08JK 06-21-2013 10:27 PM

Clutch is a wear item and is only covered for 12 months/12k miles on a new Jeep. If you have had your JK for less than 12 months they should fix it.

LTGreek 06-21-2013 10:37 PM

It's a 2013 jeep wrangler. I have had it for about six weeks

ronjenx 06-21-2013 10:47 PM

This is from the 2013 warranty booklet. Did they say why they wouldn't cover it?

The Basic LimitedWarranty lasts for 36 months from the
date it begins or for 36,000 miles on the odometer,
whichever occurs first. But the following items are
covered only for 12 months or for 12,000 miles on the
odometer, whichever occurs first:
brakes (rotors, pads, linings, and drums);
wiper blades;
clutch discs or modular clutch assembly (as

windshield and rear window; and
wheel alignment and wheel balancing

JLC08JK 06-21-2013 10:49 PM

If the dealer has a problem with fixing it for you, take your case directly to Chrysler and they should approve the work.

LTGreek 06-21-2013 10:57 PM

No, no, no, no, I was not stuck. I understand that concept and I have done that times when I feel as if I am getting stuck or am stuck, that wasn't the case. As I was driving, I was slowly losing power but gained it, then lost some, and gain it.

It was not like I got stuck, floor it then hope I get out!

I was never stuck

The clutch was slipping as I was casually driving on the beach. A 2013 JKU should not have that happen as it is casually driving on the sand.

LTGreek 06-21-2013 10:58 PM

They keep on saying that it was abuse from the operator. I just don't know how to prove that the clutch was slipping due to the terrain that it was on

SubAtomicGenius 06-21-2013 11:01 PM

Depends on what kind of sand we're talking about. Driving along fresh, hard-packed tidal sand or the soft stuff? Because there is a big difference between the two.

Not to take sides with the stealership, but I've driven in both conditions, and I've never had an issue. But flooring the engine in sand? Seriously? Sorry, but at face value it sounds to me like there may be a lesson in "4x4ing in sand" or "how to use a manual transmission" buried here somewhere... at just about the price range of a new clutch.

LTGreek 06-21-2013 11:02 PM

I called Mopar, they said that it is the dealer's call

LTGreek 06-21-2013 11:06 PM

It's not just me, or my driving habbits

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