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Grab Handles and Straps

Looking to add grab handles on both driver and passenger sides of my 2010 2 door Sport. What type works best? Also used factory straps to roll back window up this weekend, but for some reason the straps are elastic and the window hangs down too low. Any suggested fixes, or should I buy new straps from American Outlaw that appear to fix this problem? Or are there other better straps?

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Get the cheapest ones unless you like the way the handles look or something.

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grab handles that fasten in 3 places are least likely to wander around the bar....(if you have a manual, you'll never use it!)

On the rear window, I use some short nylon straps with velcro (REI, I think), mounted just inside that seam on the top, and it keeps the window up inside the top. They're mounted in such a place as to keep the window/channel from warping too badly in the summer sun... $.02

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I like

They look good and are pretty cheap compared to the others. You can make ones like these on your own but it was not worth it to me for $40 to have someone do a good job on the mounting points.
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Grab handles on a bare cage can be very dangerous in a roll...the flexible handle rolls to the outside of the cage pinning your hand between the roll bar and against whatever you hit. We almost had an amputation on a trail in Moab a couple of years ago when the rig fell sideways into a
rock ledge...helivaced the person out and saved the hand. Best is to have fixed hand holds welded on or with clamps...after that accident, took mine off ASAP.

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I'm going to need grab handles of some kind. Looking for solutions.
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