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Croce 02-25-2010 02:38 PM

Cheap, Entry Level Rocker Guards/Rocker Panels
Hi, i recently purchased an 09' Wrangler Sahara 4Dr and i am looking for a cheap set of Rocker panels/Rock rails that requires no drilling for >$300.. I don't do any hardcore off-roading. so i don't need anything crazy, Just something for basic protection incase i happen to scrape against a rock
I was looking along the lines of
Smittybilt 76643 - Smittybilt SRC Rocker Guards in Textured Black for 07-10 Jeep® Wrangler & Wrangler Unlimited JK - Quadratec
Olympic 4x4 Products 270-174 - Olympic 4x4 Products Slider Bars for 07-10 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited JK 4 Door - Quadratec
and just wanted some opinions if there any good for a new off-roader and how well they'll hold up against a small beating

Thanks and please ignore my noobish ignorance :p

MattJK09 02-25-2010 02:42 PM

Out of these 2 I like the Smitty's. I didn't know they were that affordable! I'm going to get a set. I think they look great and that's the style I've been looking for. It looks like it gives good protection from the trails and also the idiot door bangers in parking lots!:thumbsup:

Of course you realize the link you attached is for the 2Door for 239.00 and you have a 4door right?

Croce 02-25-2010 02:51 PM

Thanks for the reply, glad to know i wont be wasting my $ on those specific ones

[/quote] Of course you realize the link you attached is for the 2Door for 239.00 and you have a 4door right? [/quote]

Yea, wouldn't let me keep 4DR from the dropdown list as the default when selecting the link.. Im suprised its only $10 more for the 4dr model though

Morgen251 02-25-2010 03:00 PM

I like the fact that they are no drill....I was hoping someone had designed guards utilizing the preset holes under the rockers. Pics please once you get them up!

LilViper95 02-25-2010 03:11 PM

Stock rocker panels dont take much of a hit....I vote for making your own. I have less than 210 in these and they will take one hell of a hit!

This is the reason why the Jeep got the new rock sliders thanks to a stump at all wheels:

This is during the dent repair:

A skim of fiberglass to smooth things out:

Dont make fun of the body work, just did a rough sand of the fiberglass to get the shape somewhat right and a quick blast of paint. If I wasnt covering it I would have done a lot nicer job:

Two sections of 3/16 steel bent to fit the angles of the rockers, $150 dollars at Lane Supply:

Cut outs for door openings marked, gotta love plasma cutters!

Test fit:

The most time consuming and difficult part, making the attachment hardware. DOM Tubing with an outside diameter of 1/2 inch and inside slightly smaller than 5/16 had to be drilled out to 5/16. Once drilled out each end had to be tapped with over an inch of 3/8 16 threads. This process was repeated 18 times (actually 20 if you count the 2 broken taps that resulted in scrapped parts) by the time I paid for taps and a couple drill bits, the bolts and the DOM steel I spent about 60 dollars:

Bolted on, marked for final grinding before paint:

All painted and ready for install:

Installed and ready for abuse:

Croce 02-25-2010 03:14 PM

Wow those look awesome! i like how they're plush against the vehicle
Wish i had the tools and space to build something like that :(

LilViper95 02-25-2010 04:31 PM

you can buy almost the same thing from Pure Jeep but they are pretty pricey. The only diff is they have a step off tube on them!
poison spyder sells similar ones that cover down to the pinch weld for a couple hundred, I almost went with them but I wanted protection to go under the tub as well.

JkRyder 02-25-2010 04:34 PM

i got the src smittys and love em, good for the price and easy install.

Croce 02-25-2010 04:43 PM


Originally Posted by JkRyder (Post 8969873)
i got the src smittys and love em, good for the price and easy install.

If you ordered them online, you happen to remeber which site it was? Trying to find the best price for them

Also there was no drilling or anything like that involved, correct?
Jeeps brand new and don't feel comfortable drilling into the frame yet

JkRyder 02-25-2010 05:16 PM

i got them locally sorry, so cant help you with the pricing plus im in canada so ours is probably more anyways. And no you defanetly do not need to drill any holes or anything, i felt the same way as you did about that. They bolt to your exisiting side step holes, i had the 4 door side steps. Rock sliders make the appearance and funcutality night and day in my opinion. Looks better, and actually serve a purpose. Win win in my books. I say go for it, im happy with them for sure.

Croce 02-25-2010 06:31 PM

Also does anyone know if the Smittybilt 76643 - Smittybilt SRC Rocker Guards will fit with the saharas stock fender flares?

Emailed smittybilt, too impatient to wait for a response

Croce 03-01-2010 09:57 AM

Just ordered the Smittybilt SRC Rocker Guards from Autoanything for $248.. ill try and post some installation and completed pics when i receive it

Woodchuck 03-01-2010 10:04 AM

I bet you could pickup some takeoff rubicon rails from someone who has upgraded.

boostedboxer 03-03-2010 08:06 AM

is it worth upgrading from the rubi rails to the smittybuilt ones? Looks like they have good side protection but how about on the bottom?

4luck0 03-03-2010 08:38 AM

i love my smittybuilt rockers after i was finally able to get the on.. what should have took 10 mins took like 2 hours because halfass working at smittybuilt did not properly align the one wall on the cup so i had to cut grind then reweld the passengers side went on it 2 minutes didnt have as much luck with the driverside. i guess that is the difference in paying $250 and $450 for others

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