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BjBk11 03-04-2013 05:51 PM

2011 JK Sport Build
Hey Guys,
Have been a long time reader of Jeep Forum, going back to the days of my first car, 98' TJ Sport. (Still see it on the road by the person I sold it to)

I have had my new JK for a year now and I am ready to build her my way.

Here are the details:
3.21s (ugh)
Manual 6 Speed
Stock everything

It is my daily driver and will see very occasional off road use. I have serious concerns regarding lifting it and the headaches that may arrise from doing so.

Phase One: $6,000 Budget

GEARS! 4.88? This is priority #1
Tires: 33s maybe 35s but I don't want to kill road manners


I am between AEV Dualsport SC 3.5" or the BDS 3" lift.

I have heard lots of great stuff on here for both companies, but AEV seems to be coming out 1 step above regarding correct geometry and stuff. BDS does not include an ADJ. Front Track Bar which i assume would be a necessary addition? The AEV package also includes their high steering kit.


I know there is a wealth of knowledge on here but as I am getting closer to getting it built and as I have narrowed it down to 2 companies I would like some input.

If you guys see an area I am possibly missing please feel free to add your 2 cents.

PS. Is there anyone out there who wishes they never lifted and kept their JK suspension stock and just used wheel spacers to fit 33s?

Thanks gang. Looking forward to your ideas.

RockyClymer 03-04-2013 10:39 PM

I would take AEV over BDS anyday, just MO. With 3.5 in lift, it will look funny with only 33s, go to 35s and 4.88 or such gearing to regain some power. The JK does not need as much lift as a TJ, so keep that in fact, you can run 35s without a lift
and some judicious triming here and there...a 2.5 inch lift is fine for 35s, and, JK control arms are longer than on a TJ, so that helps a lot. One item, going from a 2.5 to a 3.5 lift will eventually entail new drive shafts due to the angles involved in the rear of a 2 door, not so much up front as it is a high pinion diff on the JK. My general advice, don't lift higher than you need for tire/wheel combination.

BjBk11 03-05-2013 05:27 PM

Thanks for the reply.

Looks like I will go to the 35s and a smaller lift height. I like the bull dog stance anyways....

Its crazy to think 1/2"-1" can make that much of a difference of wear on the driveshaft. So at 2"-2.5" I shouldnt run into any trouble?

Do most guys just deal with these issues as they come as its part of owning a jeep?
What is the cost of putting in a new driveshaft? Or is there a preventative method for dealing with it.

I haven't looked much into 2" lifts but do recall AEV offers one in that range. Is this still my best kit to use?

Thanks for the help!

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