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coachg 08-20-2013 06:45 AM

2011 JK Sahara help needed
Ok I bought a used 2011 Sahara with only 10,000 miles never seen rain or snow from a guy that added a 4 inch rough country lift... Since owning it I have turned off the hill assist feature and the traction control. Prior to turning off the traction control my light came on and I noticed that my steering wheel was not centered I took it in and had alignment now the wheel is straight and it drives straight. Prior to taking it in I turned off the traction control using the super secret code of having the E brake on the JK in 4H turning the wheel and pushing the button in for 7 seconds. IT WORKED its off.. But my light is still on and it beeps twice when I come to a stop... So how do I get the light off and making the beeping stop??? I love this Jeep but it has to many bells and whistles to me but the price was great for this rig and I couldn't pass it up..

AveCat 08-22-2013 02:09 AM

I think its made to do that. Maybe to encourage people not to drive with it off on a regular basis? Idk. I wish they hadn't removed it on the '12 and ups.

AEVBrute 08-22-2013 02:31 AM

I have an 11 and it is a great system but dont try to fool the system. You have said some things that do and dont make sense. The Jeep can drive straight and the wheel can be turned a half turn in one direction or the other. Pictures this, the system is designed so when you are entering a turn at speed if the wheel is so far past the extreme of where it should be the vehicle is trying to save your life by shutting down the speed etc.

You need a good mechanic that understands alignments and how alignments play such a major role with this safety feature. He should he able to fix it in 15 mins while you wait if he knows what he is doing.

You did not say if the wheel was straight you only said the vehicle drove straight. Big difference and big problem in this product. In the future no super secret stuff, that is what is probably making you say belles and whistles. It is a quite simple vehicle and actually does a great job with the stop gaps it has. Tricking a computer, not good if you want something to run right.

Only time I had a similar thing happen my mechanic did a quick half assed alignment because a huge snow storm was coming. And dont let the old solid axle so there is only toe from the old school days fool you either, toe and castor are a huge part of the performance, death wobble, and a couple other wierd things that happen. If you have a long arm make sure you check the rear also.

SubAtomicGenius 08-23-2013 04:26 AM

^^^ ???

Nope - can't start yet, haven't had my coffee this morning.

The time now is 09:07 AM.

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