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W0JON 04-27-2010 10:25 AM

2008 Sahara soft top question
I finally put the soft top on the 4 door Sahara. It came with both tops. Can the soft top be used with the top (over the doors) folded back without completly folding the top all the way back. Would be quick to just fold the top back over the seats and not have to remove window, etc.. Just wondering if the wind would catch the top and damage it. I see on the videos that you can fold the top back, making sure it forms a "W" and then use the velcro straps to secure the arms.....



YellowDuck 04-27-2010 10:36 AM

Yes, it is the Sunrider version, and it is designed to do exactly that. I love using it like that. It is just like having the top down completely, but quite a bit less work. I also roll up the rear window to prevent it from blowing out at speed.

W0JON 04-27-2010 11:03 AM

thanks Yellowduck.... sure will make it convienient to just flip back the top.... and just taking out the back window by unzipping and rolling up will work alot easier than taking it all back, but I am sure that gets alot easier after doing it several times. Also, don't have the hassle of zipping out all of the windows....

thanks for the quick response.....


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