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wran_gler7848 12-11-2012 06:05 PM

08 Wrangler P0455 code
My 2008 wrangler is throwing out a P0455 evap leak code. Theres been for awhile, almost a knocking sound from octane levels which seemed to go away with an additive i put in. Knocking seemed to go away, by the end of the tank it was running well. About halfway through the next tank w/o adding more additive, it began knocking again and through the code. Any suggestions on where to start or if any of this may be relevant to each other?

Tanimal 12-11-2012 06:08 PM

Your evap canister possibly. Offroad lately ? Maybe you ripped it off. If not then check the connections on it .

wran_gler7848 12-11-2012 06:26 PM

Never offroaded, like new. but will check tomorrow during the day

JeepCares 12-12-2012 07:43 AM

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some info from the '08 WK FSM:

Inspect the Evaporative System for any of the following conditions:
Holes or cracks
Loose seal points
Damaged or missing components
Incorrect routing of hoses and tubes
Loose or missing Fuel Cap
Damaged or missing Fuel Cap seal
Improper installation of the Fuel Cap
Damaged Locking tabs on the Fuel Cap and/or filler tube
Damaged seal points on the Fuel Cap and/or filler tube

The Evaporative System is divided into three zones. A leak from any of these zones can cause this DTC to set. The lists below specify the possible leak points in that specific zone. For further assistance see the Zone Identification Charts below.

1. Fuel Cap
2. Recirculation Check Valve
3. Vapor Recirculation Line
4. Signal Vapor Line for FVM
5. Flow Management Valve
6. Fuel Tank to Canister Vapor Line
7. Fuel Tank Vent (Check Valve)
8. Vapor Line to Canister
9. Flow Control Orifice
10. Control Valve
11. Liquid Trap
12. Fuel Tank
13. Check valve
14. Fuel Fill Tube to Tank connector
15. Fuel Fill Tube

1. Filter
2. Evaportive System Integrity Monitor Switch
3. Canister Vent Line
4. Evaporative Canister
5. Chassis Purge Valve
6. Fuel Tank to Canister Vapor Line connection
7. Evap Purge solenoid connection

1. Evaporative Purge Vacuum Line
2. Connection to Chassis Line
3. Connection to Canister
4. Chassis Purge Line
5. Evap Purge solenoid vacuum line
6. Connection to Evap Purge solenoid harness
7. Chassis Evaporative Purge line connection to Engine Vacuum
8. Evap Purge Valve
9. Service Port

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