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crewguy987 08-15-2012 05:00 PM

07' Rubicon Power Steering Dilema
Got stuck, not a big surprise. But as soon as I got out my power steering was non existent. No whining pump, just grunt force power applied to steering wheel to turn. My problem is I don't know wether to replace to power steering gear box or the pump. I have removed the pump and opened it up, resevoir was full, pump and fluid had no signs of debris or metal shavings or anything broken, from a lamens eye perspective. I don't want to purchase the wrong thing and be out a few hundred more dollars. To complicate matters no parts stores seem to carry the 07-11 power steering pumps because they redesigned the part in 2012 using a different pump with a larger pully shaft. I'm not even sure if I could bolt up a 2012 pump to mine if I wanted to.
So...How do I figure out what I need to replace, and what do I replace it with? I'm at a stalemate. PLEASE HELP!

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