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cj7guy 09-28-2013 01:26 PM

07 JK 3.8, shredded serp belt, now PS issues
07 JK, 6spd, Sahara, 93k. I've only put a few thousand miles on it since buying it.

Last week my alternator seized and destroyed the serp belt.

As I was pulling into a parking lot to survey the damage, the PS was making a lot of whining noise.

I parked it, figured out the problem, got the seized alt replaced, got it running again...and now PS is acting up.

It was whiny for the short drive after the alt repair, and when parked, it slowly lost all the ps fluid over the period of few days, engine never started during that time.

I took off the PS reservoir, filled it with water, and turned it upside down. The cap is leaking significantly. I took off the low pressure line, it looks ok, I guess.

Anyway, I figure since it was run low on fluid, and I have all these messy lines off the vehicle, I may as well replace all the lines and the pump so I don't have to do this again.

Should I upgrade to a better PS reservoir, lines, pump?

Anyone get rid of PS on a JK?

Thanks in advance.

222Doc 09-28-2013 03:42 PM

the cap I think has a breather. must be a way for expansion.

if the water pump was oem and all this other stuff went out. that and the idler tension pully could/should be replaced. might as well get all the loose ends.

specialy the tensioner , those go out and nothing works anyway.

jwmbishop 09-29-2013 08:41 AM

whiney equals air (cavitation) in the system. It can get there by pushing fluid up into reservoir when steering without the pump running, then draining back down.

Yes cap is vented - without vent the fluid can not go into - (vacuum in reservoir) or out of (pressure in res) the pump - a plugged vent will cause starvation at the pump, which can cause whine. A bad pressure hose (you are at end of life for the pressure hose) can also cause starvation as the plys close like a check valve!

Air also gets into system (cavitation) when the steering box internals are bad.

With resevoir topped off - if no fluid is hitting the floor and cavitation is occuring - most likely culprit is bad pump... 5 years and 93k I would change all the hoses anyway, top off, cycle (steer all the way right and left a few times at 1500 rpm), top off again and let it sit. No fluid on floor and still cavitation - change pump and repeat, if still whiney change box. The reason I do it this way is that if you change the box and run it with the old pump you can ding the internals of the box as the pump pressure is low. My experience is that is better to always use a new pump with new box - any time I have replaced just the box and not the pump the box presented problems relatively soon. But not necessarily the other way around.. I have replaced pumps and had no further issues quite often. Any time I replace a pump I also replace the pressure hose if more than two years old OR showing ANY sign of softness.

Fluid hitting the floor - follow it up and locate the component that has bad seals (remember pressure seals can hold while running and leak like crazy while not). This can be either the pump or box or hose ends. At end of repair make sure box is centered, running off center is harsh on the box pressure side.!!!!

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