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wrong place wrong time= one bad night

its a long story so bear with me. i understand the reason for the situation i was in is hard to believe. but here it goes. so its about 11 at night and i was leaving my girlfriends house and when i turned the jeep on my 4wd light came on. i got the posilock and i know i hadnt used it sinse it last snowed. so at the intersection where my girlfriend's road lets on to the main road there was a mud hole that i know a lot of idiots run through because they think its fun eventhough theyve completely torn up the lot. anywho, i figured id just drive on the edge of the hole so that when i pulled out the posilock button il have slippage and wont screw anything up. well i didnt take into account all the snow that had melted and eventhough ive got MT tires the mud was just way too thick and i got stuck. so i called my buddy and he brought his S10 and in trying to pull me out he got stuck too. so we got a ride back to my house from another friend and got more towing stuff and my dads silverado 1500 hd. i pulled out my friend and then pulled myself out and wouldnt ya know it i blew the power steering pump in my dads truck (he had been meaning to replace it). i was taking the hooks off the jeep when my buddy turned around and said "umm thats a cop". sure enough i look over my shoulder and not one but 4 cop cars pulled in and blocked us in. like we were actually gunna go anywhere HA! so they get out of the car and i walk over and one said "whats goin on fellas?" i told him i wasnt trying to do anything stupid i was just trying to do a quick fix on the posilock and it got outa hand. they take one look at the torn up lot and figured i was lying. so now theyre all mad and one of them is goin off about how irresponsible, stupid, indecent blah blah blah. another one asks us for our ID and we hand him our open wallets with the IDs in the cases. he takes both out and then drops our wallets in the mud while the other 3 go check out our trucks. now im mad. we stood there for a good 45 minutes while they talked and made fun of us like we werent standing right there. then i got called over and the cop said that i could get a $500 fine and 90 days in jail. i said i understand but for the record my buddy had nothing to do with this he was just trying to help. no response. he hands me our licenses and told me if he ever catches me doing anything at all even a speeding ticket hes gunna toss me in cuffs and that if we werent gone by morning he was gunna have my jeep and my dads truck impounded. i said i understand and thanks for letting me off easy. this offended the other cop and he went off about how i was soooo lucky to be let go and how itd be completely different if he made the decision and that i need to quit lying. then instead of asking us if we were ok to deal with getting home they all left us there. well its 3:30 am and my dad gets up in half an hour. i planned to tell him but i wanted to get home before he realized i was gone and so was his truck. so i called a tow truck and at 5 am i finally arrived home. its now 2:15 pm and my dad stayed home and still hasnt said a word to me. if you actually read all of this i thank you.

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Sounds like you ran into some cops on a power trip. Like THAT'S a rarity!! LOL Hard to make a formal complaint when they'd likely harass you mercilessly from then on. And they know it too!! I hate cops on power trips!! Unethical bastards!!

Did you get the jeep problem fixed yet? Or, are you now in for fixing dad's truck first?!?

Crappy nite you had there bro! I feel your pain!

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Sucks dude...hope you get it all fixed.

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yeah pulling the button out and back in got the light to turn off. and i spent my last paycheck getting my dads truck towed ome and then from home to the shop. i have just enough left in my account to pay for the shop work. normally my dad and i would just replace it ourselves but this time i dont think he wants me touching the truck. and thanks for the sympathy bro. i know a lot of people are quick to take the cops side especially when teenagers are involved but what those cops were doin was just rediculous

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I know ya didn't see anything wrong with whay ya did, and there really wasn't anything wrong with it. But you do have to see it from their eyes. Jeep stuck in the mud on a torn up lot. Yeah, it does send out the signals ya guilty. But atleast they let you off. It would have been a hard one to beat in court. Good luck on gettin ya stuff straightend out.

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find the cop's house......

Not really, they were doing their jobs, but some (not all) cops are on a power trip, it comes from having a gun and a tiny *****. Don't take it personally.

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You in Southern Maryland? There a lot of cops down here that are the same way. I try not to deal with them much.
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Was your jeep muddy?

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Originally Posted by jeepdavetj View Post
I know ya didn't see anything wrong with whay ya did, and there really wasn't anything wrong with it. But you do have to see it from their eyes. Jeep stuck in the mud on a torn up lot. Yeah, it does send out the signals ya guilty. But atleast they let you off. It would have been a hard one to beat in court. Good luck on gettin ya stuff straightend out.
Yep... bottomline, you were off pavement in a place that you should not have been. You could have really put your friend in a bind as if he was also caught off pavement where he shouldn't have been, it would not have made any difference to a Judge that he was only trying to help you. The Judge would either not cared, or would have thought that the two of you were together in the wrong place when you got stuck and he was trying to get you unstuck at the time the cops show up.

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I'm sorry this had to happen to you, but that is part of growing up. We do stupid stuff, and hopefully we learn from it...
So, what did you learn? Hopefully you learned to stay on pavement unless offroad is permitted, and maybe if you had just called a tow truck instead of your buddy, you would have ended up saving some $ and keeping yourself and your friend out of so much trouble.
Those cops will be keeping an eye out for you for a while, so keep your nose clean. Be sure to explain to your dad the things you've learned from this experience and he should be pretty quick to forgive you. Parents just want to know that kids are learning to be responsible individuals. We've all done dumb stuff, and we've all suffered and learned from it.

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those are some **** officers,but yes,it did look bad the way things were set up for you,dropping wallets in the mud...a little stupid on their end and uncalled for.a lot of cops get on power trips but they should still remember how to be ethical and morally correct,thats the first thing and one of the most important things you learn for the job.hope you get everything worked out though.

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yea everything worked out. i fixed the truck. and yea i can understand how things looked on their end so i guess i dont blame them for not believing me. it was just the abuse that got to me. anyway i cleaned the jeep so now when i go by there to get to my girlfriends they dont suspect that im doin anything wrong. turns out the reason they got called in the first place was that hunters had been goin back in the woods there and shooting deer and then just leaving the bodies. which is messed up. so when they saw 3 trucks they just figured those hunters were us. i did end up telling my dad everything that happened and he wasnt mad. he understood. and i dont ever plan on even stopping to look at the hole ever again. and thanks for the support and advice guys

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i know this is old but careful of cops in South dakota most are A** holes i got a 350$ speeding ticket for going 37 in a 35 a cracked tail light not broken just cracked and not having a catalytic converter we got the cite for the cat dropped because my truck is an '80 (its my ford 2wd pickup) and i had glass packs and 5 state street legal hedman long tube hedders but the tail light broke out that week before court so i couldnt challenge thatmy final ticket was like 250 bucks after the exhaust was inspected and we dont have emissions testing (im glad they didnt look under the hood lol
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Shifting in and out of 4wd when driving straight would have been fine. You didn't need to go play in the mud.

Don't drive where you know you're not supposed to. Problem solved.

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I cannot describe my loathing of cops. I've never had a ticket or run in with one because I don't put myself in those situations, but I've watched enough of them attack other citizens in such a manner as to cause the most trouble for them as possible.

I doubt the OP will read this since the thread is old, but we're currently dealing with people tearing up our land on my friend's property at the moment, lets just say the OP was lucky.

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