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post #121 of 235 Old 11-03-2009, 06:17 PM
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a few days ago, i was driving the cherokee with a bike rack on going down a road with 6 lanes on each side...the speed limit was 45. i was going about 60 or so in the far right lane, just cruising along. out of nowhere, some prick in his little jetta starts gettin right on my *** and going back and forth, motioning that he wanted me to move. i just ignored him and he continued to do it. finally, he got about 3cm from my tow hook and i just said here goes and floored it. i got it up to about 85 or so and it just looked like he stopped still, he was so far back i then pulled into the autozone down the road, and he pulled in after me. wouldnt even look at me in the store lol

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post #122 of 235 Old 11-03-2009, 07:22 PM
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i dont get tailgated too much but i do tailgate alot. however the only time i do it is when its a 1 lane road and the person is going under the speed limit. down where my prents live ppl have started driving slow, like 5-15 under, and im constantly getting on their *****. most of them are on the phone and once i lay down the clutch and rev it up once or twice they realize that they are going slow and speed up to atleast the limit. the only other time i tailgate is when ppl are going slow in the left lane on the highway and the same rule applies with revving it up only they move over. i have good reflexes so i havent gotten in any accidents tho i have been brake checked a few times.

that being said the problem i have more is when i put on my blinker to move over on the highway and the azzhole in the next lane over speeds up so that i cant move over. this happened to me at night one time so i got pissed off and got right on the guys azz. he had some little honda and my headlights/foglights went right into his back window. he checked me a few times but i didnt let up so after about a mile he pulled onto the shoulder and stopped untill i was almost out of sight.

as far as bumper stickers go i have one that says "sorry officer, i thought you wanted to race" and i want to get this one

that may fix a few things

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post #123 of 235 Old 11-17-2009, 09:55 PM
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People are just dumb *****, I hate it when people do that as my gas tank is right at the back and if the hit they hit that..
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post #124 of 235 Old 11-18-2009, 12:03 AM
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When they tailgate my '82 C20, they tend to back off from all the smoke when I put the hammer down. Now and then I can hit just right and spit pavement chunks along with the rubber smoke (the only nice thing about having a 454 with Edelbrock package)

In my MJ and the wife's Ranger, I got hit from behind too often (usually while waiting for a red light!) 7 times in 10 years!
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I get tailgated because I have one of those magnet ribbons similar to the breast cancer ribbons...except it says "support road head"...I guess people need to get close to read it.
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post #126 of 235 Old 11-28-2009, 09:16 PM
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Post #121, #122, the ORIGINAL #126....I read stuff like this and I'm reminded why people shouldn't breed, let alone be permitted to drive. I hope that when you cause an accident, no one outside of your vehicle has to die.

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pssssssssst....you are post no. 126...
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post #128 of 235 Old 11-30-2009, 06:27 PM
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I like to give em the warning tap with the brake lights, and if that doesnt work, I give them the warning slam on the brakes and pray

If that doesnt work, debris out the window (from the passengers, not me) does LOL

(broken)98 ZJ 5.9
UT Jeepcrew #13
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post #129 of 235 Old 11-30-2009, 08:17 PM
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Originally Posted by 01CHEEKEE View Post
pssssssssst....you are post no. 126...
I am NOW, because the original post #126 was deleted (:
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post #130 of 235 Old 12-11-2009, 01:44 AM
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Another reason not to tailgate people.

Road rage incident ends when gun comes out WASILLA: Police track down man who brandished weapon; no charges filed.
Published: December 10th, 2009 11:32 PM

WASILLA -- A gun-brandishing driver involved in a road-rage incident in downtown Wasilla on Wednesday was stopped by Wasilla police officers, weapons drawn, at a Tesoro gas station just outside city limits.

No charges were filed. Huh?

"It's kind of interesting," said Wasilla police officer Rick Manrique. "It's also appropriate."
Manrique said the man's actions fell into the category of self-defense. No one was injured, he said, describing the whole road-rage encounter, in a word, as "stupidity." Under a new city policy, he couldn't name either man involved.

Everything started with a heated argument at the crowded intersection of the Parks Highway and Main Street just before 3 p.m., police said.

One man -- the 24-year-old with the 10-millimeter Glock -- thought the other man was tailgating him, Manrique said. The other guy, who had his two children in the car and was apparently responding to an emergency call from his wife, got out of his car and started yelling, telling the first driver he was going to beat him up.

"He felt in fear," the officer said of the 24-year-old. "He showed him he had a handgun. Told him he was going to use the handgun and stick it up his you-know-what."

The alleged tailgater called police, saying he'd just been assaulted by a guy with a gun (my note: I guess he didn't tell the police he was tailgating him and threatened to beat him up). Both men left the scene. Police spent the next 15 minutes looking for the guy with the gun, until Manrique spotted his car at the Tesoro station at Palmer-Wasilla Highway and Seward-Meridian Parkway. While the 24-year-old went into the station to pre-pay for gas, Manrique called for backup. He got four units. When the man emerged, the pistol stuck in the waistband of his pants, he was greeted by police, weapons drawn, yelling at him to get on the ground.

Shei Smith, a clerk at Tesoro, said she saw five officers outside. Smith told customers to stay inside. She didn't sound too excited about the whole thing, though. It was over fast.
Everything ended quietly, Manrique said. The man offered no resistance, gave up his weapon, and told his side of the story at the police station.

If there's a moral here, the officer said, it's to call police on yourself if you happen to use a weapon during an altercation and don't want police tracking you down in similar fashion.
Better yet, he said, don't get sucked into a road-rage confrontation in the first place.
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I brake check the ever loving **** out of people! I HATE tailgater's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

00' WJ 4'' IRO 285 Tire...Ect-SOLD 7/2/2009
97' ZJ with 117K THE DD mi SOLD
01'WJ Project Cheap fix.
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Originally Posted by BomberJeep View Post
Ok so Im driving to a friends house and Im waiting at a red light. A C5 Corvette pulls up behind me. The light turns green and I proceed through the light. The corvette is up my ***. I can barely see the roof of the vette. He stayed this close to me for almost 2 miles to the interstate on ramp. We then get on the on ramp and the vette is still close to me. Finally on the highway he stays behind me like he is trying to prove something. I am in the far right lane and there is plenty of room for the vette to pass me on the left. He stays behind me for about another mile and a half. He finally passes me and looks at me like Im the ******* for not going 30 over the speed limit. I go about 5 over cause the Jeep doesnt like going that fast.

Is it me or do people think that the Jeep is a sports car or something?
Why do people tailgate you? Easy answer. Because either you don't have them or have them and don't use the spotlights on the back of your rig. I figure giving people a QUICK flash is safer than the "brake for a rabbit" idea. It always works for me. They back WAYYYY off. Really quickly too!
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post #133 of 235 Old 12-11-2009, 01:52 AM
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I live in Finland and drive an '81 CJ7 - I call it the 'can opener' - everything is solid steel. Nobody dares tailgate me since if they hit me the Jeep will rip through their light plastic/aluminium car and I might end up with some off color paint on the black. A CJ7 IS a can opener - all these new cars are 'cans'.
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post #134 of 235 Old 12-11-2009, 01:53 AM
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Originally Posted by DothanJeep View Post

I brake check the ever loving **** out of people! I HATE tailgater's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x3 I can't tell you how many asshats I've made **** themselves because they think it's a necessity to ride 2-3 ft off my back bumper. As stated by others, I normally start with a quick flash, but if their ****** baggery persists.... well let's just hope they have good brakes lol. I think the best one was this guy that was tailgating me, I lightly touch the brakes to make him aware, and he begins flashing his high beams and riding my *** again. I decided to mash my brakes and apparently this asshat had an uncovered mug of coffee or some other liquid, because next thing you know I see something splashing all over the inside of his windshield..... Priceless.
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