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post #61 of 235 Old 01-16-2009, 03:08 PM
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I have a pair of cheapo foglights mounted on my taillight housings (mainly for backing up, but they have...other uses ) and luckily I haven't had to use them yet. This summer I'm planning on getting new tires, and throwing the best tire I currently have on the spare rim. Since it's blackwall, I'm thinking about getting a white-letter marker and writing "Tailgating's a b****, so watch for my hitch!"

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I like brake checking people.... i think its kinda fun to mess with tailgaters. I havent tried the ebrake thing yet ill have to try it. I get tail gated in town, mainly because most of the streets are 45 and 55 mph speed limits. I was going 50 on a 45 mph street and still being tailgated.... and i get tailgated going 70 in the slow lane on the freeway.
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just shift down a gear and stay off the gas, they learn, or slow down to 55 (the minimum "safe" speed limit for cars on 65+ mph) and start accidently tossing bottle caps or pennies out of your jeep. they will slow down, if a cop pulls you over just say your jeep might have threw a rock, but it wouldent have been a problem if they were not riding your ***.

Al Swearengen: Sometimes I wish we could just hit 'em over the head, rob 'em, and throw their bodies in the creek.
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post #64 of 235 Old 01-22-2009, 01:39 AM
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i had some chick in an acura riding my *** the other day while doing 75 on the freeway. gave a nice hard brake check and saw her facial expression change in an instant in my rear view mirror. she got in the lane to the left of me and passed me without giving me a look or anything. she looked scared as ****.
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post #65 of 235 Old 01-22-2009, 02:55 AM
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i5 south 5 lanes 4 am not a car in sight for a mile any way some asshat comes up tailgates me. two lanes on eithe side... i tap my brakes nothing tap em again nothing. so i jus let off the gas kep it in 5th jus coasting. went from 65 to 28 when h finalyl decided to pass me. was funny so i jus sped up again back to 65

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post #66 of 235 Old 03-08-2009, 01:35 PM
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I get it sometimes too, but I have an italian flag and a "protected by smith and wesson" sticker on the back window...I guess the prospect of getting shot by a crazy italian is enough for them to pass quickly and nicely.
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Im gonna get one of those hooks for my hitch when it goes on. Its not my fault I forgot to take it off after wheeling and your rad is now stuck on it.
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post #68 of 235 Old 03-08-2009, 04:55 PM
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people tailgate because they are jealous and wish they were up there in the jeep with you
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post #69 of 235 Old 03-09-2009, 03:51 PM
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Normally people get tailgated because they are unsafely not moving with the traffic.
Any Jeep worth the name should be able to safely cruise at 90 mph on the highway... if not its time to service the vehicle (at least get it off the street until its fixed and safe to drive/can keep up with traffic).

Normally people tailgate because they are functionally unconscious and/or are talking on the cell phone (same thing)...sometimes just because they are stupid A holes. (Can tailgating a lifted vehicle while looking at the gas tank a few feet from your hood be called any thing but stupid?)

Just ignore them, get a license number and hope they hit you (you can then participate in the "I've got a lawyer and its payday" game).

When the weather is bad let them pass and later wave at them in the ditch. Honking and flashing the lights at them in the ditch is OK too. (The Highway patrol frowns on driving into the ditch and driving circles around them while telling them that they are number one with an upraised finger, though).


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I get tailgated too and I like to think that I'm quick off the line but with my 'main' road being three lanes wide, you would think that they would pull into the empty spot behind me on a red light and just go. I know that I hate being behind people...

maybe it's to read the stickers.. or maybe it's to read my plate (mudgts)..

I don't get tailgated in my Honda Civic or my Mazda 5... odd.

must get government cash to study this phenomenon.

where is the thread on worst stuck Jeep Compass?
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post #71 of 235 Old 03-10-2009, 12:56 AM
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Originally Posted by mudgts View Post
must get government cash to study this phenomenon.
Move to America and write Obama. The list for free money is long, but no-one will be turned away. Except for our grandkids!

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Originally Posted by BomberJeep View Post
Ok so Im driving to a friends house and Im waiting at a red light. A C5 Corvette pulls up behind me. The light turns green and I proceed through the light. The corvette is up my ***. I can barely see the roof of the vette. He stayed this close to me for almost 2 miles to the interstate on ramp. We then get on the on ramp and the vette is still close to me. Finally on the highway he stays behind me like he is trying to prove something. I am in the far right lane and there is plenty of room for the vette to pass me on the left. He stays behind me for about another mile and a half. He finally passes me and looks at me like Im the ******* for not going 30 over the speed limit. I go about 5 over cause the Jeep doesnt like going that fast.

Is it me or do people think that the Jeep is a sports car or something?
Dude!! Just put lights in the back like I did!!! One flip of a switch and they're backing up soooo quick!!! LOLOLOL
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just some advice for those with those back up lights on a switch, think before you hit the switch. if they get in an accident because YOU ILLEGALLY turned on reverse lights, you can be held responsible. so ask yourself is it worth it to be held responsible for someone's death, or just move to the right. if you are in the right, just ease off the gas, and slow down. they will pass you eventually.

Originally Posted by Beefstew View Post
brain guts all over the windshield!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Originally Posted by WillysEdition04 View Post
After reading 7-8 of your posts I've come to the conclusion that you may be mentally retarded, which is why I won't ask what "brain guts" are.
Originally Posted by Duck Dodgers View Post
I'd rather take the chance and belive in God than take the chance and not.
Cuz ya got nothing to lose by believing, but ya sure might if ya don't.
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I dont really have that problem often but when i do i dont worry about it cause if they rearend me they are screwed not me! I have been nice and let people follow me close through low water crossings so my jeep spreads the water and they can get through without drowning!
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When I had my CJ it had the single barrel carb on the 258. With a manual choke. And extremely low gears.

So when driving on I-10 in LA and some idiot in a Volvo rides right on my rear bumper. I'm on a 5 lane freeway in the 2nd lane from the right. The freeway is clear of cars except for us two. I figure he's one of those idiots that wants to have a minor shunt and carjack me when I pull over.

Now, at 60-65mph my Jeep was pretty much redlined because of the low gears. So I wasn't going to go much faster no matter what I did.

But when you pull the choke all the way out and floor it to maintain 60-65mph, there's a MONSTER black smoke cloud that a Diesel would be proud of. I'm not sure if the guy's windshield was tinted before he got behind me, but it was certainly a shade darker after he backed off!!

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